Hospitality Jobs in Malaysia

“Malaysia Truly Asia”, is the popular phrase that is attached to the country owing to its diverse cultural ethos, traditions and picturesque landscape. The hospitality industry in Malaysia is well known and is forever undergoing innovative changes, attempting to cater efficiently to its customers. With every passing day the industry evolves into a new level of innovation.

Malaysia over the years with its expansion in Hotels, Aviation, Shopping Malls, Tourism, Education and other allied sectors, have proven that its one of the most accomplished and fast developing economy in Southeast Asia. As a region, that has started expansion and innovation of late, Malaysia still holds great potential to be discovered and re-discovered by many people across the globe. This encourages the tourism industry of the city. Hence as a result the Hospitality industry comes in to the picture as well. A need is thus created for making the services offered by the city to its natives as well as the tourists more personalized for greater customer satisfaction and high recall value. The Malaysian government in the recent past has focused on the significance of the Hospitality industry and the role it plays towards economic development. In an attempt to emphasize on hospitality and its implications in all the major sectors, today there is a huge demand for hospitality jobs in Malaysia

Hospitality Job Qualifications

Mostly all the organizations hire those candidates for Hospitality jobs, having a degree or diploma in Hospitality Management as that strengthens the base and makes a candidate possess a clear perception of the nature of Job. Some times interpersonal skills outweigh the academic degrees. Also these the companies have started their own in-house training, so that they can mould the talent of the trainees or professionals according to their organization structure. Apart from these the candidate needs to have a stable command on the language and have proper inter-personal and grooming skills. An experience in the relevant field is always welcomes.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel The Mandarin Oriental Hotel group, was formed an international management group and hotel investment. Located at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the chain of hotels boasts of a host of deluxe and elite hotels, resorts, residences in attractive locations round the world. The group proudly owns 41 hotels with over 10,000 rooms in almost 26 countries across the world. Mandarin also owns equity interests in its various holdings and a total asset of USD 2.1 billion approximately as was estimated end of December 2009.

The hotel is known for its customized operations and amenities that provide to its customers. The brand gives it best to cater to the personality of the individual consumer as well as his tastes and preferences. Hence, hospitality is way more speculated and skilled in nature. Some of the job profiles that cater to hospitality department are:-

  • Administrative Officers/ Executives
  • Front Office Executives
  • Guest Relations and Customer Feedback
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Public Relations
  • Security
Danai Spa

Danai Spa is one of the luxury boutique Spas, located in Penang, Malaysia. It is known for its secluded relaxation zones featuring both indoor and outdoor open spaces stretched over 8,000 square feet on a serene hillside cottage adjacent to the sea.

The Spa comprises of 4 treatment sections or rooms. Each room is elaborately decorated and carries particular themes like Moroccan, English, Balinese and Oriental. These themes are creatively designed so that the very setting appeals to the senses and refreshes the mind. The Spa offers various in-house products, consultancy and other supplementary services. Hospitality jobs offered by the Spa come under the following profiles:-

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Consultant
  • Employee Feedback Desk

Suria KLCC is Malaysia’s leading shopping destination, situated at Kaula Lumpur. The mall offers a vast plethora of products and services to cater to the needs of the customers as well as pamper them with luxurious brands in fashion, arts, entertainment and the like.

The mall is positioned in the heart of Kaula Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, is surrounded by hotels, commercial buildings, park and fountains giving a vibrant picturesque view. It is ranked amongst one of the largest real estate holdings globally, and is attached to the base of Petronas Twin Towers. It absorbs young people for various hospitality related job profiles such as:-

  • Security Supervisor
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Concierge Personnel

Located in Penang, Malaysia Fitness First is an eminent fitness centre. It supports huge customer base of the city. The centre is less of a health club addressing issues on weight and fitness regime, bur rather its mission is to change people’s lives. Whether it is raising energy levels, keeping up with kids and family or simply the wish to look better; be it any concern Fitness First guarantees positive results for all queries with a set of experienced professional trainers.

It is the fast growing Fitness chain delivering the best to the customers, helping them to achieve their fitness goal. It is present in 18 countries, and has 550 club operations and 1.5 million members.

The organization proactively seeks young and dynamic professionals in the hospitality domain. The chances of career growth are prospective with more branches opening. Some of the profiles for hospitality jobs would be:-

  • Club Customer Managers
  • Receptionist
  • Personal Counselors
  • Personal Instructors
  • Customer Care

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