Hotel Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of exceptional beauty, incredible culture and wonderful people. It is the one place, which tops the list of travel buffs from all over the world. Located partially on a peninsula of the Asian mainland and partially on the northern part of the Borneo, the country offers picturesque beaches, architectural marvels, and natural reserves among many other attractions to travelers. Malaysia is a beautiful location, for anyone who is looking to unwind, and take a break from the daily grind. The city has evolved, into a cosmopolitan city in the every sense of the term and people from anywhere feel at home in Malaysia.

Tourism in Malaysia

The tourism sector in Malaysia makes a very significant contribution, to the country’s economy. Estimates suggest that this industry, contributes more than 5% to the economy. The climate in Malaysia is one factor, which attracts tourists almost throughout the year; it is warm and humid and the temperature hovers between 21º C and 33ºC with humidity of about 90%. The country has excellent facilities, in terms of infrastructure, hotels, shopping, sight seeing, activities etc, to cater to tourists of all types.

The hotel industry in Malaysia is one sector, which is reaping direct benefits from tourism. Tourists from all over, come to the country to experience, all the beautiful things that this country has to offer. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and this is evident from the number of people, who travel to the country every year not just from Asia, but all over the world.

Qualification for hotel jobs in Malaysia

Professionals required for managerial positions must have a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Hospitality Management. Depending on the potions available, the qualifications vary. Candidates having prior experience, in similar fields are preferred for some positions, while fresh recruits are preferred, for some positions. The working hour in the hotels depends on the amount of work, which one needs to complete in a day. The salary offered is pretty good, and depending on the position and work experience, it differs.

Hotels in Malaysia

The hotels in Malaysia offer world class facilities to guests; there are hotels for all types of tourists. For those who want to spend their vacation in luxury, there are the deluxe and five star hotels. If someone wants to stay for just a night, before proceeding on their onwards journey, they have the option of airport hotels. Even those who have a limited budget, and do not want to spend too much on accommodation, have wonderful choice of budget hotels. Guests can book their rooms beforehand, through e-mail or telephone; almost all hotels provide these facilities.

Hotel Job positions in Malaysia

There are many hotels that operate in Malaysia, and as a result huge job opportunities are created. There are thousands of job openings for professionals, who want to work in the hotel industry there. A number of international events consisting of film festivals, meetings, conferences etc, are held in Malaysia and this is mainly due to the wonderful quality of hospitality services offered. So, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can work in the hotel industry of the country. Some of the job positions available are:

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