IT Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia was instituted as a prime regional technological centre only a decade after the MSC project was commenced. While the government encountered certain challenges in order to safeguard the heightened regional opposition, it was responsive to the latest technological patterns. The domestic scenario for IT industry in Malaysia is evolving by the day, with better and increased facilities for IT related services. As the IT giants cope up with the competitive environment and optimize the increased intricate IT set up, a greater demand for outsourced services gets generated. Therefore investments and expansions would be made in the field of hardware and software alike. Owing to this heavy demand that is generated about the IT products and services there is a huge potential for IT jobs in Malaysia.

IT Industry Developments in Malaysia

The government of Malaysia will now focus to provide new modified incentives in order to draw more investments in IT regionally. Government officials asserted that the incentives would be on the basis of the taxation patterns from that of the investors. It also would be based on the amount of the jobs generated for the local candidates. Some selected IT companies were of opinion once that there was a dearth of network and software professionals in Malaysia, with skills needed to carry on with the job. Research suggests that the major shortfalls were in the fields of network security, VoIP and wireless networking. Hence, with the increased global IT boom and the Malaysian Government now would secure greater IT investments and funds that in turn would create scopes for IT jobs in Malaysia.

IT services in Malaysia

Some time back mostly all IT services in Malaysia were more or less at the level of IT support, customer-sales support and applications development. The industry is now far developed from before and has upgraded the value chain. Malaysia recorded a high growth over the year 2009, particularly in the areas of outsourcing and security, which now is responsible for over one quarter spending. The rate of maintenance and support is estimated to expand more steadily, and the procurement of bigger contracts seems to be contributing as well. The IT industry in Malaysia is expected to grow and gather prominence from the developing interest amidst huge companies that are looking at business process outsourcing.

With regards to the IT jobs in Malaysia and their requirements or criteria, the preferences vary from place to place. There are certain basic

qualifications that are required if an individual would want to make IT his career field. For instance an IT project Manager, is required to have an Engineering or MCA degree and have good communication skills. Similarly a Chief Technical Official is expected to have mastered a degree in Engineering and have knowledge about other technologies, for instance Java, Unix, C++ and so on. Apart from these managerial qualities and other interpersonal skills too are required.

IT jobs in Malaysia are increasing now by the day, with more IT companied expanding their operations as per the customer feedback and need. The atmosphere is set with eminent companies and challenging job profiles.

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