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According to economic experts, the economic scenario of Malaysia is all set to taste new success with various leading corporate groups planning to invest in the country. The surge in business activities of Malaysia was always on the cards as the place never suffered from dearth of recognition. It has been one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, currently Malaysia is going through a transformation of its status as a financial hub as well. As Malaysia grows in significance, more and more and people around the world are also getting curious about the nation. They want to know what’s happening in Malaysia. This has also created a surge in the media industry of Malaysia as well. Not only news channels, every other form of media is getting the benefit of the economic surge in Malaysia. The upswing in the industry has also helped in creating a large number of media jobs in Malaysia.

The growth and development of the media has drawn the attention of the world. As a result, apart from vast expansions carried out by Malaysian media organizations, the leading media companies of the world are also setting up their base in the beautiful country. The increasing number of media organizations needs a lot of man power and expertise. The convincing fact is that Malaysia possesses enough number of media schools to deliver high quantity as well as quality of students. Some of the leading media schools of Malaysia:

Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media

The particular institution offers the most updated courses to help you build a bright career in the media industry. A comprehensive syllabus that helps to enrich your career as a media person, the particular institution helps in enhancing the knowledge and power potentials of a candidate. Some of the courses offered by the Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media include:

  • Video Editing
  • Emcee Excellence
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production

SAE Institute of Malaysia

One of the largest international institutes for media trainings, the SAE Institute of Malaysia offers an array of course related to media. The courses are designed to provide you training to perform according to the needs of the modern day media industry. Courses like Interactive animation, games programming, Digital Film Production are perfect to make a candidate ready for the industry. Candidates passing out from this institution are easily absorbed by renowned media houses as they are capable of delivering according to the needs of the market.

International Multimedia College

Located in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Malaysia, the International Multimedia College is also one of the most sought after media colleges in Malaysia. Offering a number of latest multimedia courses and equipped with experienced faculty, the college takes the right measures to shape a candidate for the media industry. The various programs and the training sessions organized by the college are done to minimize the gap between education and the professional world.

KDU College

Located in Selangur Darul Ehsan, KDU College in Malaysia offers media related courses like Masters Program in Communication Management. The course helps in understanding the dynamics of regional, national and international communication. The course also helps in gaining the knowledge about application of theories and concepts in real life communication. The major courses offered by the institution are as follows:

  • Advertising Management
  • Public Relations
  • Communication in the Global Context
  • New Communication & Media Technologies

Types of Media jobs

Media covers a huge spectrum. The word media covers vast fields that include various sectors related to media. Starting from news channels to films, from radio to newspapers, each one is a type of media. All of them have a common objective of conveying a message to the audience. Therefore, on earn get an idea about the broad spectrum, covered by the media. Hence, it is quite obvious that such a vast industry will create a lot of job opportunities in its different departments. Some of the most familiar media jobs are as follows:

  • Radio Producer
  • Film Director
  • Broadcast engineer
  • Television camera assistant
  • Vision mixer
  • Television producer
  • Multimedia specialist
  • Radio manager
  • Location manager
  • Make-up artist

Prospective Media jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is currently witnessing a media boom as the media industry of the country is growing by leaps and bounds. The media industry is growing bigger not only in terms of money but also in terms of significance. As a result, most of the existing media organizations are on an expansion spree and new media organizations are all building their presence.

1. Word Labs Media

The particular media organization is renowned for its magazine and book publishing. Located in Metro Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Word Labs Media also possesses expertise in advertising and corporate communications. The ever expanding media organization hires a lot of candidates in its various departments. It needs a lot of deputy editors and writers to deliver even better products to its customers. However, to be eligible for a job in this organization, one needs to have a degree/diploma in Media studies and also needs to have a vast work experience in the relevant industry.

2. Digital Ink Communications Sdn BHd

This is also a renowned media house in Malaysia located in Kuala Lumpur. The particular house specializes in trade and consumer magazine publishing. The huge client base of the company often overloads it with work pressure. As a result, the media house recruits a lot of writers to deliver in time. This provides the aspiring writers of Malaysia a grand opportunity to work with a renowned media house. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the overall number of media jobs in Malaysia. Experienced writers with a degree/diploma in arts get an edge over other in bagging the lucrative job.

3. Life Media Communications

The newly launced newspaper house has already acquired a large number of readers and gong by the trend, it is obvious that Life Media Communications will soon become a leading newspaper daily of Malaysia. Located in Pusat Bandar Puchong, Malaysia, the newspaper is in partnership with a major daily newspaper of Malaysia. But as a result of its flourishing business, the house recruits a lot of reporters from time to time. Hence, experienced reporters as well as aspiring reporters can look at this lucrative option as the media house is known to offer a good salary structure.

4. Bernama Radio 24

Located in Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bernama Radio 24 has attained sky high popularity as it provides the most updated 24 hours news service. To serve the varied needs of the listeners, Bernama Radio 24 also features various informative programs. The tremendous popularity of the radio has resulted to a number of added programs. As a result, the radio house hired a large number of radio jockeys throughout the year. It is a viable option for trainee RJs as well. However, he/she needs to have extraordinary qualities as a radio jockey. It is a dream job for radio jockeys as they will be able to reach a huge number of audiences through Bernama Radio 24.

5. Outdoor Media Specialist

The Outdoor Media Specialist is a renowned ad agency in Malaysia. The company is also involvd in PR sector. Known for developing for some of the most appealing advertisements the house recruits a lot of candidates in its various departments. Located in Selangor, Malaysia, the company recruits a lot of creative directors to handle its large volume of works. Moreover, the company also creates openings for client service executives and marketing executives. These recruitments are done after proper assessment of the candidate’s profile. Work experience in relevant field helps a lot in bagging the job.

6. Itabliz Media & Production

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Itabliz Media & Production is a renowned TVC and Magazine production company. It also deals in event management and has the glory of organizing some high-profile events. The variety of work done by the company requires variety of expertise as well. As a result, the company recruits a lot of writers, editors, producers and Public relation officers to help smooth operation. However, in order to deliver best quality time and that too in time, they hardly take fresher. Experienced candidates with extraordinary skills are most likely to bag a job in this company.

The trends of recruitment in the media industry of Malaysia suggest that as a fresher you need to gather experience in the relevant industry. Once you are equipped with proper experience, there is no death of lucrative job offers in the media industry of Malaysia. However, to bag media jobs in Malaysia, one also needs to have a sound educational background with a diploma/degree in media studies from any of the renowned media schools of the country or abroad. The fresher need not break heart at all as considering the huge investments, pouring in the media industry of Malaysia, one can bank on the fact that very soon fresher will also star getting lucrative job offers. Despite large number of experienced media professionals available in Malaysia, it won’t be enough to meet the huge demand that will be created anytime soon and that will help in bringing the fresher into the picture.

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