Nursing jobs in Malaysia

Medical and healthcare systems in Malaysia are known for its international standards, with a vast range of diagnostic and therapeutic centers and high end technologies. Owing to the fact that Malaysia is now a centre of tourists, natives, businessmen and students it is imperative that the medical amenities are efficient and sound. Malaysia in the recent past has witnessed an increase in the Nursing jobs. This can be estimated from the developments and progress that has come up in the nursing education and courses. A post graduation course in Nursing was introduced in order to bring about some changes in this segment. These radical changes paved the path to the development and increase in the Nursing jobs in Malaysia.

Association of Malaysian Medical Industries, reports that medical devices in Malaysia is anticipated to expand to USD 877 million in 2010 from USD 826 million in 2009. Further the figure is also estimated to increase up to USD 956 million in 2011 and USD 1,7Billion in 2012. The private healthcare system in Malaysia is increasing with an efficient quality of teaching and reasonable cost structure. It is almost 40% less than that of Singapore. There are some private hospitals that serve the medical visitors as well as the natives of the city. To add on to this, Malaysia has also over the years developed a widespread channel of rural health depots or clinics and the rural folk today can undergo modern medical treatment with referral amenities. This improvement in the health care services extended to the villagers and the remote areas in Malaysia has been outstanding in the last few years.

Nursing, as it is understood today medically as well as in common man’s language is a fusion of technology, science with qualities of care and compassion. On a regular basis of their job, the nurses use this principle in action. Also some whilst employed simultaneously take courses to always stay updated to the latest innovation in the field of medical studies as well as nursing. Nurses works on a day to day basis in close associations with doctors and other relevant medical officials, and take charge of the patients and their respective families too. The mission is to serve the patient as a human being than clinically diagnosing an ailment.

Over the years in Malaysia and also in the overall medical industry nursing has undergone radical changes. In the present day and age an individual can choose from the different sub-divisions that now exist under Nursing. They can be further elucidated as:-

  • Anesthesia Nurse- Comprises of those nurses who assists the doctors in the operation theatres to give anesthesia to the patients who would undergo an operation or surgery.
  • Oncology Nurse – Is one who takes care and attends a cancer patient.
  • Cardiology Nurse- Is one who takes charge of patients ailing from heart problems.
  • Critical Care Nurse – Comprises of nurses working in the ICU’s attending patients who are under intensive care and critical conditions.
  • Pediatric Nurse – Is one who is involved in taking care of children and infants.
  • Traveling Nurse – Comprises of nurses who needs to travel to various medical zones. This category nurses are amidst the highest paid ones.
  • Emergency Room Nurse – Is one who is associated with the ER and is assisting in any emergency situation.
  • Operation Room Nurse – Is the one who helps the doctor in operations or surgeries.
  • Gastroenterology (GI) Nurse – Comprises of Nurses who attends to patients with stomach ailments while being diagnosed.
  • Geriatric Nurse – Attends to elder persons and takes care of them
  • Psychiatric Nurse – Attends to patients who are affected by adverse mental disorders.

A potential candidate who would want to take up a career in Nursing in Malaysia can undergo a training course in a reputed college or training institute dedicated to Nursing. One of the premier institutes in Malaysia for such a cause in Masterkill University College of Health Sciences situated at Selangor. This college offers a broad spectrum of medical courses which includes Nursing. The student is enabled to undergo training and assessment procedures in order to choose his/her potential area of Nursing.

An aspiring student can take courses as a registered nurse by pursuing a module provided by 4 types of institutes in Malaysia:-

  • There are 43 nursing colleges that are associated with Public hospitals.
  • There are 13 nursing colleges that are associated with Private Hospitals.
  • There are 9 universities that provide nursing programs with medical amenities.
  • There are 11 private nursing colleges set up in Malaysia that is supported by the Education Ministry and Health Ministry, and also is accredited by the National Accreditation Board.

Over the past decade the demand for the nurses has increased. This is owing to the fast development and progress of the medical and healthcare sector in Malaysia. Hospitals and Medical centers that provide Nursing jobs in Malaysia to the potential candidates are many. Also there are new names that are entering the market. Of the already existing ones, the hospitals that provide scopes for nursing jobs are:-

  • Sunway Medical Center.
  • APHM
  • Columbia Asia
  • Alor Gajah
  • Hospital Pasir Mas
  • Damai Service Hospital
  • Island Hospital and many more

With regards to the qualification, interested medical need to obtain a graduate or a diploma in Science followed by a specialization in Nursing. Along with that professional experience will add to the candidates circum vitae.

Island Hospital

Located in Penang, Malaysia Island Hospital is one of the most eminent and established hospital in Malaysia. The hospital has a modern and contemporary design that creates a landmark in its architectural design. The place also has also given full scope to wide open spaces, small family units; all this by itself is of therapeutic relevance and automatically works towards the healing of the patient. Island Hospital provides to the natives of Malaysia as well as visitors from other places a vast range of surgical, medical and emergency services and provisions for 24 hours.

With a mission to bring about the best in health care facilities and to help the patients recover better Island Hospital works in the departments of Cardiology, Laser treatment, Fertility care, Urology, general health care, oncology, pediatry, surgeries and operations. The hospital looks forward to employ staffs that would embody the motto of the hospital and serve patients better. Some of the categories of nursing jobs thus available here are:-

  • Cardiology Nurse
  • Oncology Nurse
  • Pediatric Nurse
  • Operation and Critical care Nurse.
  • Anesthesia Nurse

Sunway Medical Centre

Located in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Sunway Medical Center is a leading premium health care centre. It is has been established with a mission to be a leader in the heath care organization. With its customer care excellence, efficient team spirit, result driven actions - all work towards rendering the medical centre an excellence by itself. The provisions provided by hospital are in the areas of Rehab centers, Neurology, Travel health department, Women’s care, Cardiology, Eye care, Cancer treatment and so on. The hospital recruits nurses and other medical staff from nursing colleges and also outside. Their requirements being a formal training in the given discipline and a committed heart at work. Professional experience and other accolades are always welcomed. Some of the profiles for Nursing jobs here are:-

  • Travellng Nurses
  • Cardiology Nurses
  • Psychiatry Nurses
  • Staff Nurses
  • Staff Midwifes


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