Summer Jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia as a country is in the process of elevating its status not only as a renowned tourist destination but also as a financial hub. As far as tourism of the country is concerned, Malaysia has already gained a strong position in the global tourism map. Though it also has a considerable financial significance, yet it still has a long way to go in order to achieve its desired goal. However, with time, Malaysia is surely growing as a financial centre as more and more companies are looking for opportunities to invest in the country. This surge in business activity has directly helped the economy of the country, which was previously entirely dependent of tourism. Previously, Malaysia had only job openings in the tourism industry but now Malaysia has job openings in different sectors as well. In fact, due to the presence of a large variety of companies there are seasonal job openings as well. As a result, summer jobs in Malaysia are on the rise.

Benefits of summer jobs

The huge popularity of summer jobs in not only due to the fact that it provides the opportunity to earn some quick bucks. It offers far reaching benefits as well. Summer jobs are just perfect to gain practical exposure and professional education. Also termed as internship, this professional education helps in re-orientation of the academic education. In fact, during final placements, many employers assess the equity of the organization in which the candidates worked during the summer placements. These work experience does not land you in the professional world as a novice when you get your final placements. Each an every candidate realizes the true value of summer jobs only when they start their final job.

The experience that they gained while doing the summer jobs proves to be invaluable. There are different types of summer jobs available in Malaysia. For instance, one may get a summer job in any of the local parks of Malaysia or may also work as a summer camp counselor in any of the summer camps held in Malaysia. Working as a web developer is also a kind of summer job that one can look for. There are many web developing organizations that require more man-power during the summer months due to increasing work pressure. Working in any of these organizations may well be a great experience, especially if you want to build your career in web developing. Therefore, one can see that there are many summer job options in Malaysia to choose from.

However, one may be wondering about how to get these jobs. There are many options in this case as well. All one needs to do is to assess different sources to get the desired summer job. Some of the summer job sources are as follows:

Educational institution

Be it the school you have passed from or the college you are studying, try to get in touch with those people in these places, whom you think can provide you such an opportunity. You may never know, these people can come of as a great help in providing you a lucrative summer job offer. Therefore, school and college are a great source to hunt for summer jobs.

Contact Employers

If you want a summer job very badly and not getting proper opportunities, the best way is to contact an employer. You can also call up the employer and ask him about the availability of any such opportunity. However, you need to be prepared for a 15 second promo to project your skills.

Paper advertisements

Though most of the companies do not give any ad when they are in need for an intern or a temporary employee but some companies do. You need to go through the newspapers thoroughly so that you get to see any such lucrative summer jobs offer.


Internet is also a great option for searching summer jobs. It is the easiest way to search summer jobs as you need to take the hassle of going all the way to eh office without even knowing that whether there is any availability of summer jobs or not. Internet is a medium that provides you all the information. There are a number of organizations which provide summer jobs in Malaysia. Working for any of these renowned organizations is a valuable experience. Summer jobs are offered from different sectors thus making it a viable option for candidates from different educational background. Some of the most lucrative summer job opportunities in Malaysia are as follows:

Madani Resources Engineering Sdn Bhd

Located in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, Malaysia, Madani Resources Engineering Sdn Bhd is an investment holding company that is mainly involved in providing engineering services. It possesses a lot of expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering services along with maintenance work and supply. The company also supports installation and maintenance of air conditioning system and ventilation systems. As a result, the company faces a lot of work pressure during summer. To cope up with that, the company hires a lot of electrical student during summer time thus creating summer in Malaysia. These students are mostly posted in training sites near to Selangor, Kedah or Bangi. They often come out with lucrative summer job offers as they not only provide lodging but also offer a good monthly allowance.

Kids Scuba Camp

Located in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, Kids Scuba Camp is one of the most popular summer camps for kids in Malaysia. The well-planned program of the camp attracts huge number kids every year. As a result, they require camp staffs during this period of time. The particular camp does have expertise to look after the kids properly but the increasing number of kids often requires some extra camp staffs. As a result, every summer they create a lot of job opportunities in Malaysia. However, they recruit people who have the required experience in the relevant sector. The particular job opportunity will not only benefit a candidate for one summer. The experience of working as a camp staff will provide some valuable experience in many summers to come, especially for those who are planning to start a camp of their own.

Polar Ice cream

Located in MIEL Industries Estate, Polar Ice cream is one of the most popular ice cream brands in Malaysia. Established in 1988, the company currently enjoys a lion’s share of the total market in Malaysia. Apart from producing ice creams, the company is also involved in manufacture of ice confectionary. As a result, the demand of the company’s products goes up by leaps and bounds during summer. They truly find it hard to cope up with the demand during this time. As a result, they increase the number of temporary staffs to deliver in time. They recruit a lot of candidates as operation managers, supervisors during the summer season. This opens great opportunities for aspiring supervisors and managers during summer. It is a lucrative job offer for all these candidates as they not only get the opportunity to earn few bucks but also get a valuable experience of working in a top organization.

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