Marketing Jobs

Marketing Jobs on Offer

As of now there are plenty of marketing jobs on offer in UK. Some of them are account manager, telesales, sales manager, sales executive, sales director and sales executive and business. Most of the marketing jobs on offer in UK are available at the leisure, hospitality and travel industries over there. There are some other job openings in the UK marketing sector as well such as telesales, media, advertising and retail sales. There are promotions and media buyer jobs available too.

In Singapore the major marketing jobs on offer are sales management opportunity, project executive or manager, corporate sales associate, business development manager, sales administrator and system solution sales jobs.

Some of the major marketing jobs on offer in USA are marketing analyst, emerging markets broker, investment director, institutional equity salesperson, institutional sales and director of institutional research sales. There are a number of marketing jobs in Australia such as account management, brand or product management, direct marketing, market research, sales manager and analyst jobs.

Profile of Marketing Jobs

The marketing jobs in UK are available in both temporary and permanent forms. In addition there are certain contract based marketing jobs as well. In Singapore the holders of marketing jobs are paid good remunerations, which are based primarily on the performance put in by them.

The job of marketing analyst in US is a full time one. The candidates for this job need to work on various approaches related to asset and equity allocation. It is a team based job where the employee would need to provide support to the other members. The marketing jobs in Australia are available in both full time and part time capacities. However, there are also contractual or temporary jobs as well as casual or vocational jobs in the marketing sector of Australia.

Prospects of Marketing Jobs

In Singapore it is possible for the marketing officials to get a move on in their professional careers as promotions happen pretty early in the marketing sector over there. They can also get transferred to other countries provided they do well in their respective capacities.

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