Medical Jobs

One of the most rewarding and highly payable jobs in today’s competitive market is medical job. The medical jobs demand rigorous specific education. Some jobs also require practical hands on training apart form the graduation degree. You will be pleased to know that the long medical oriented education and the trainings are well worth as most of the medical jobs start with a heavy pay package. There is a diverse range of medical jobs; one can start his/her career as a surgeon, nurse, medical technologists, and medical assistants or as medical technicians, medical office administrators and many more such associated jobs. It is also expected that the job opportunities in the healthcare industry will increase at a tremendous rate by the year 2016.

There are numerous medical job opportunities in countries like US and UK. Some of them are listed below; just have a look at them –

Medical Jobs in US

US, one of the most sought after job destination in the world offers a number of medical associated job opportunity. Some of the most prestigious medical and healthcare companies offer medical jobs in different posts and sectors.

Top Medical Companies in US
Some of the top medical companies of US are given below –

  • Londox Systems Ltd.
  • Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals USA Inc.
  • NeuroMetrix Inc.
  • Argon Medical Devices
  • Aspen Surgical
  • Analogic Corporation

Eligibility for Medical Jobs in US

The minimum eligibility requirement for entering the medical and the healthcare sector is an accredited medical degree certificate. Most of the job profiles demand a doctorate degree in any specified subject.

The eligibility criterion for the clinical pharmacy specialist job is a doctorate degree certificate in pharmacy. One must have a minimum of one year experience as a pharmacist (registered). Oncology and pediatrics experience is desirable and the applicant must have a valid state license.

The eligibility requirement for the post of clinical pharmacist is an accredited graduation or a doctorate degree certificate. The interested candidates must note that a minimum of one year experience is required.

Medical Jobs in UK

Another most popular job destination is UK. This country offers a lot of medical oriented job opportunities and scopes. The countries also offer diverse scopes of improving ones career profile. Top Medical Companies in UK
Some of the top medical companies of UK are as follows –

  • Physio Dynamix
  • Magus Insurance Services Ltd
  • St Pancras Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic
  • Wellbeing Osteopathic Clinic

Eligibility for Medical Jobs in UK

The eligibility criterion for the job of medical manager is a minimum of 5 years experience in the field of investigation or business management. The candidate must possess diagnostic skills. One must have good communication skills.

Candidates applying for the post of medical writing manager must have a life science degree, team working capacity, and good medical communications knowledge. Preference will be given to work experience in the associated field.

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