HR policies in Mexico

The human resource department of Mexico administers and enforces all the policies regarding jobs in Mexico. The HR policies in Mexico take care of employment, maintaining employee records, handling workers’ compensation, unemployment claims, benefits etc. The government takes special care to formulate HR policies in Mexico so that there is no discrimination and that everyone gets proper opportunity for jobs according to their qualification.

The HR department properly checks the qualification that the jobseeker has mentioned in the resume.

A lot of foreign nationals are applying for jobs in Mexico. So the HR policies of Mexico are formulated in such a way that they benefit both the foreign jobseekers as well as the local nationals.

Some of the important features of HR policies in Mexico are:

Recruitment Policies:
Job openings are posted in the City Hall and are usually advertised in the local newspapers. All jobseekers are required to apply separately for each post and they need to specify the position or the post clearly. Equal opportunity must be given to all and the employer must not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, national origin, race, disability etc. Job applications can be picked up from City Hall. They are available from Monday-Friday at 8.00am to 5.00 pm. Other than this, the candidates must be fluent in English and Spanish. Signing of a contract is a must between the employer and the employee.

Termination Policies:
Employment can be terminated due to end of contractual period, long days of absence without notice or valid reason, negligence or misconduct in office etc. The employee can also terminate his/her services upon non payment of salary. A prior notice should be given to the employees but no specific time limit is specified for the notice. If the worker does not accept the notice, the employer must inform the Conciliation and Arbitration board within 5 days and they will then take action. If the employer dismisses the employee, in certain cases he is entitled to get compensation.

Pension and benefits:
The average minimum retirement benefit is 12% of the average earnings. All the sectors offer different insurance policies for their employees. All the registered companies must provide their employees with medical insurance as well. Total benefits that a person receives after retirement is nearly the annual income of 5 years. Other than this nothing is specified.

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