Placement Consultants in Mexico

As a large number of foreign companies have started investing in Mexico and as the economy is growing, a lot of placement consultants in Mexico have come up. Earlier the government use to recruit people from different college and universities. But now, as the requirement has grown, the government has shared responsibility with the placement consultancies. Thus the government monopoly in this regard is not existent now and a large number of placement consultancies in Mexico have come up.

All these placement consultants in Mexico look for qualified and skilled candidates by putting up advertisements in national and international newspapers as there is a lack of skilled labor in Mexico. The placement agencies not only recruit people but also help in market research, training, consulting etc.

Given below is a list of some of the top placement agencies in Mexico along with contact details:

  • American Chamber of Commerce – Mexico

    For a small fee, the American Chamber of Commerce offers services for finding employment.
    Lucerna No. 78, Colonia Juarez
    06600 Mexico, D.F.
    Tel: (52) 5141-3800
    Fax: (52) 5703-3908/2911

  • AmCham – Guadalajara
    Av. Moctezuma No. 442 Colonia Jardines del Sol
    45050 Zapopan, Jalisco.
    Tel: (52) 3634-6606
    Fax: (52) 3634-7374
  • AmCham - Monterrey
    Rio Manzanares 434, Oriente Colonia del Valle
    66220 Garza Garcia, Nueva Leon
    Tel: (52) 8114-2000
    Fax: (52) 8114-2100

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