Teaching Jobs in Nepal

Teaching is regarded as one of the best professions in Nepal. Education in Nepal is known as imparting inestimable value to its students The Nepal government has led special emphasis on the development of education as a benefit to mankind.

Schools are very thickly spread through out the country. There has been a significant rise in the number of private schools in urban areas and teaching jobs in Nepal are also growing simultaneously.

Schools in Nepal are divided into two categories: community school and institutional school. The educational structure in Nepal can be branched in to three levels:

School Level
  • Primary: Duration is for 5 years from I-V
  • Lower Secondary: duration is for 3 years from VI-VIII
  • Secondary: duration is for 2 years from XI-XII

At the end of grade ten, a national level School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination is conducted. Grades 11 and 12 are under higher secondary level. Bachelor's, master's and PhD levels comes under higher education. The duration of the bachelor education may range from three to five years, depending on the subject. Masters degree is commonly of two years. NCED is an principal body for teacher training in Nepal. There are 34 Educational Training Centers under NCED to support the teachers in teaching areas. Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, Mahendra Sanskrit University, Siddartha University are some of the universities in Nepal. To know more about teaching jobs in Nepal, follow the information:

Post offered: You will find a number of teaching vacancies in various subjects and in different educational departments (universities/schools) of Nepal like:
  • English teacher
  • Math teacher
  • Physics teacher
  • Business teacher

Qualification:Unspecified but a master's degree in relevant subject id required in most of the above mentioned position and certificate in teaching.

Teaching positions available: There are permanent, temporary, casual and contract, volunteering teaching positions positions are available

Working hour: Unspecified, but normally depends on the individual timings and the schedule of the schools and universities.

Salary: Unspecified, Physics teacher can earn 400 USD per month.

Language required: Good and fluent in English.

Experience: Unspecified but a working experience in teaching for more than 2 years is required for some of the above mentioned position.

Other requirements: Overseas or immigrate candidates have to check Nepal immigration law(s)

Other skills:

  • Establish good communication with students
  • Sharing skills and knowledge with colleagues
  • Deliver good/quality teaching
  • Ability to manage different range of student(s) skillfully.

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