Jobs in Nigeria

Owing to rapid development and financial aids coming from several countries such as the US, Nigeria has experienced enormous economic development in the recent years. Therefore jobs in Nigeria have very bright prospects and a large number of employees are immigrating to Nigeria following the rise in employment rate in the country. Besides the development of job opportunities in the vicinity of oil fields in Nigeria, jobs that are flourishing in a rapid pace are IT jobs, teaching jobs, hotel jobs, management jobs and nursing jobs.

Even a decade ago, it was generally believed that chances for jobs in Nigeria had very lean prospect because Nigeria underwent long years of colonial rule and is comparatively economically under developed. It was considered to be a country facing high unemployment rates.

However, things have changed drastically over years. Now Nigeria has become a self sufficient country and has brilliant job prospects. It is not only that the Nigerian people are getting jobs because of the transformation of the agriculture based economy to an industrial based economy, but several industries are opening up in Nigeria because of the profitable oil fields in the country.

The employees get a decent pay package as per international standards. They are also entitled to get incentives and bonuses. In some cases accommodation and transportation costs are free. Usually working hours in Nigeria is 8 hours a day but there is a norm of working for more hours in case of need. The employees work in a healthy working environment and enjoy friendly work atmosphere. So if you have the essential qualifications and want to work in Nigeria, you can go ahead.

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