HR Policies in Nigeria

Nigeria has freed itself from the oppressive colonial regime and in the present decade it is heading towards a new economy. HR policies in Nigeria are also facing a massive transformation. Since living conditions have improved considerably in Nigeria, many industries are being set up. These industrial sectors employ a large number of working staff and need a reformed HR policy so as to increase the productivity of the companies. As a result, HR policies in Nigeria are restructured for the convenience of both the employers and the employees. Many discussions were held in this regard and for overall development, the existing HR policies are being transformed.

A large number of expatriates are also working in the industrial sectors in Nigeria. Setting up of HR policies as per international standards is essential for the retention of these employees. Therefore, the Nigerian government has taken initiatives to formulate suitable HR policies catering to the demands of the new era. This page makes an attempt to give you an overview of the reformed HR policies in Nigeria. If you are interested in working in Nigeria then you must go through the page.

Some prominent features of HR policies in Nigeria that underwent reformation are listed here for your assistance.

  • Recruitment Policies
  • Training and Manpower Development
  • Employment Policy and Conditions
  • Management Environment
  • External Environmental factor

    Recruitment Policies in Nigeria have been witnessing several changes in the recent years. Previously, it was believed that recruitment policies in the country were corrupted. But in the present decade, it is based on different criteria such as educational qualification, work experience, communication skills, leadership qualities etc. The most important feature of the HR policies in Nigeria is the training of the recruited employees and the development of manpower. It is essential to impart a proper training to the newly joined employees so that they are empowered with the working methods and techniques to ensure a smooth operation of different projects.

    If there is a lapse on the part of the recruiters to provide proper training to the employees then it is the company that would incur loss. As for employment policies, the company has to have appropriate terms and conditions so that the staff does not face any problem regarding working hours, taking of leaves and other similar staff policies. If these are very stringent, then the company would face loss of qualified employees. Therefore, in order to retain the staff, HR policies in Nigeria are structured so as to minimize loss of efficient staff.

    The external environment for employees is modified so that they don't face any external trouble while at work. In Nigeria, the work places have decent work ambience. The companies are taking measures to ensure that there are no disturbances regarding ethnicity, religion, language, culture and gender discriminations. These are in brief an overview of different aspects of the HR policies in Nigeria.

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