Management Jobs in Nigeria

Like all other jobs, management jobs in Nigeria are also flourishing. Though the country's principal revenue comes from the oil and gas industries, management jobs are also available in Nigeria. A number of industries are opening up and Nigeria is experiencing a rapid phase in industrialization. Various companies are being inaugurated in the primary cities of Nigeria. As such there are copious job opportunities for management professionals in Nigeria. If you are interested in management jobs in Nigeria, you can avail these offers. So don't waste your time hesitating, be with us for more relevant information.

Educational qualifications: A bachelors' degree in Business Management is essential. For HR Managers a degree qualified in Business administration/HR/Industrial Relations is necessary. For the post of Business Management Consultant, only overseas candidates can apply.

Other requirements: The applicants are required to have knowledge in English. They should have excellent communication skills (verbal + written). The persons applying for the respective posts must be hard working and have to be physically fit. They should expertise in Management related works and must be possessing leadership qualities.

Work experience: A minimum 5 years experience in the relevant fields is required. If you have more years of experience then it is an additional advantage for you. For applying to the post of Executive Director, you need to have 15 years of work experience in the relevant area.

Working hours: In Nigeria working hours are 8 hours a day. You need to work 5 days a week in general. For candidates in the managerial posts are required to work long hours.

Pay scale: No specified pay scale is mentioned by the respective companies. However salary can be negotiated as per Nigerian market rate.

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