Nursing Jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria is a heavily populated country and is facing various health related problems as awareness among the natives is not very high. The country is fighting to stop further population explosion and is also experiencing a major problem of rapid spread of AIDS. Several NGOs are coming for probable assistance in this field. As a result Nursing jobs in Nigeria have good prospect. Primarily to impart Family Planning Education and to promote Family Planning related issues nurses are required in large numbers in Nigeria.

Also in the interior villages of Nigeria there is no basic health education and awareness. So there is a demand for Nurses in the country to serve the nation. If you are interested in securing nursing jobs in Nigeria, you can go through the page for more relevant information.

Posts offered: The following positions are available at present:
  • Cardiac Nurses
  • Family Planning Nurses
  • Midwife
  • Nurses for treating HIV patients

Educational Qualifications: All the applicants are required to have bachelor’s degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing from any recognized university. If they have specialization in the relevant fields then it will be an added

Other requirements: The nurses should be hard working and ready to work in all extreme conditions. They should be able to assist the doctors during tough situations and must have excellent communication skills. They are required to know English.

Work experience : A previous work experience for 3-5years is essential for the procurement of the jobs. Apart from that a prior work experience in any African country is an added advantage.

Working hours : General working hours in Nigeria is 40 hours per week. But Nurses in Nigeria are supposed to work for more than the stipulated hours per week. They should also be prepared to work in shifts.

Pay scale: Nursing jobs in Nigeria have a very good pay scale .You can earn a minimum 9,500 USD per month for nursing jobs in Nigeria. The pay scale may rise depending upon your service.

Other benefits: Apart from the salary, there are perks and incentives and for expatriates, accommodation is free.

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