Teaching jobs in Nigeria

Teaching jobs in Nigeria have excellent prospects. As Nigeria has a huge population, there is a need to educate the people in the country.

Many schools and universities are set up for this purpose. But there is a dearth of eligible candidates and most candidates lack the requisite skill.

Therefore, if you have the required qualifications and want to work in Nigeria, you can start filling up the online application form for your application. The rest of the information is being provided by us. So read this page carefully.

Posts offered: Various posts are being offered for teaching jobs in Nigeria. The major posts are listed below:
  • Principals/ Head teachers
  • English teachers
  • TEFL/ESL teachers.
  • Teachers for ICT

Educational qualifications: For the posts offered for English teachers, you need to have a graduation in the respective
subject. Chances are high for those who have master’s degree in English. For Head Teachers, you need to have a degree in Education or Social Sciences. ICT teachers are required to have a recognized degree in Information and Communication Technology.

Other requirements: For all the posts you need to have an excellent communication skills in English. Apart from the knowledge in English if you have a flair for native Nigerian languages Ibo and Yoruba then your chances for getting selected are high. You should have good command over teaching.

Work experience: A minimum of 5 years experience or more is required in the respective fields. For the posts of Principals/Head Teachers a 10 years of work experience is required.

Working hours: Generally working hour in Nigeria is 8 hours per day and you are supposed to work for not more than 40 hours in a week. You are given holidays at the weekends.

Pay scale: There is no fixed minimum pay scale for teachers in Nigeria. However pay scale can amount to a yearly £ 30,000. For TEFL teachers, the pay scale is £ 410 per week. There are arrangements for free breakfast and meals.

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