Banking Jobs in Norway

Norway’s economic upswing started since the Second World War. The economic growth of the first two decades was led by Norwegian shipping and merchant marine and domestic industrialization.

However, from the 1970s it was the large oil and natural gas deposits that took the process forward. The continuous growth process has earned Norway the status of one of the wealthiest country of the world. It is currently the seventh largest oil exporter in the world and boasts the largest per capita income in the world.

A country which has so much of monetary significance is bound to have some of the leading banks of the world. In fact, the huge number of banks in Norway is absolutely necessary to channel the huge amount of money possessed by the country.

Sometimes, this large number of banks seems to be not enough for the country. As a result, the banks of Norway carry out expansions from time to time creating a large number of banking jobs in Norway.

Types of banking jobs

The bank industry creates large number of job opportunities as the banking process stands on several departments. According to study conducted by Bureau of Labor Statistics, banking industry alone was responsible for providing jobs to more than 1.8 million in the year 2006. The huge recruitments are done by different departments of the banking industry. Let’s have a look into the types of jobs in the banking industry.


The management department of banking industry has several types of openings like the financial managers, loan officer etc. These jobs demand a lot responsibility as a financial manager has to oversee various branches alongside maintaining the desired standard of the bank. Similarly, a loan officer has to assess various loan applications besides overlooking the profit sharing. However, the particular department of the bank industry is also known to have highest salary slab of the industry.

Financial Services

A particular bank depends a lot on its financial department for its success as the department looks after the very important aspect of selling the bank’s services. The agents of the financial services are also involved in dealing with the consumer credit card services. It requires a huge man power. As a result, large number of financial agents as well as financial officers is hired by the banking industry.

Office and Administration

This particular department is responsible for recruiting the highest number of candidates as it includes tellers, customer service etc. The department also handles the account transactions and services along with clearing innumerable queries of the customers. Therefore, this department helps a lot in projecting the image of a particular bank.

Office staff

The number of office jobs created by the banking industry is also huge. Office jobs require a number of candidates as secretaries, receptionists, data entry clerks etc. It also requires a number of accountants, bookkeepers, audit clerks and other candidates to look after the financial records and documents. As a result, the office jobs department also plays a vital role in increasing the total number of banking jobs.


Most of the industries require lawyers, computer specialists and auditors to look after various aspects. They may not have any direct attachment to the industry but they perform several vital tasks for the smooth running of an office. The best part of this department is that, one doesn’t have to be an expert of the banking sectors, yet he/she can bag a job in this department of a bank. Each of the banks needs a high number of these professionals to ensure smooth functioning.

Prospective Banking jobs in Norway

Bank industry in Norway is really flourishing as currently it has around 25 commercial banks and more than 120 savings banks, with each of them performing brilliantly. Add to this, the number of branches each bank has, it gives a whopping figure. Considering the fact that each branch of a bank needs a minimum number of professionals, it’s raining banking jobs in Norway. Some of the renowned banks of Norway that creates a lot of job openings are as follows:

Norway Savings Bank

Located on 261 Main Street, Norway, the Norway Savings Bank is one of the renowned savings bank in Norway. The bank is known to provide a high quality banking service to its customers. The bank has a huge set-up and has the right blend of banking expertise and friendly community connection. This bank recruits a large number of candidates to carry out its huge volume of work. Most frequently recruited posts of this bank include part time teller, branch operations supervisor, collection specialists etc thus creating a good number banking jobs in Norway.

Norges Bank

It’s a dream for every banking personnel to work for Norges Bank, the central bank of Norway. Working in the bank will provide you the opportunity to shape Norway’s economic policy. They are truly the specialists in economic and financial analysis. The bank’s core objectives also include maintaining the financial stability and price stability of Norway. As a result, it requires some really highly educated personnel, who can take active part in this process. Located in Sentrum, Norway the bank requires Investment Manager, Portfolio Manager and several other professionals to look after the Corporate Governance and Operations. The high work pressure in these sectors often prompts the bank to hire people. However, close quality checks of the candidates are done before recruiting as a job in this bank means delivering the best quality service. The candidates need to have a great educational background along with good amount of work experience in the relevant sector.

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