HR Policies in Norway

HR Policies in Norway are restructured in the present decade for the benefit of the employees as well as for the management bodies of the companies. For every company there is a need to enhance employee productivity for the well being of the company. As such HR Policies favorable for the retention of the employees are required by the companies to incur profit as well as to keep the company reputation intact. If you want to have a glimpse of the various types of HR Policies practiced in Norway, then you can go through the page. The major HR Policies of the country are discussed here with details.

HR Policies in Norway that are followed by all prominent companies in the country are listed here:

  • Employment agreements

  • Incentive schemes
  • Social Insurance
  • Policies against Discrimination
  • Diversity
  • Conditions for Dismissal
  • Termination of employment
  • Transfer of employees upon corporate restructuring
  • Non solicitation clauses
  • Competition
  • Occupational injury
  • Retirement/Pension

There are employment agreements for every company. However, they are not the same for all companies. Though there are certain rules and regulations, HR Policies in Norway ensure that the employment agreements are recognized as per international standards. Incentive schemes are based on the pay scale determined by the recruiters. Social insurances are there for the employees so that they are provided with all the benefits that they are entitled to get.

There are stricter HR Policies against any sort of discrimination, be it in the form of gender discrimination or racial discrimination. Since many expatriates are working in Norway, HR Policies are restructured for addressing a heterogeneous working group. There are several humanitarian policies in case of dismissal of workers. In case any staff has experienced any injury while at work there is a compensation provided by the employer. HR Policies in Norway have a standard retirement scheme including pensions and other facilities. Other HR Policies include setting up of standardized working hours, leave facilities, allowances and medical insurances. The Norwegian government has fixed the working hours to 40 hours per week with complete rest during the weekends. If the working hours exceed beyond the stipulated time, the staff is liable to get overtime benefits. There is annual holiday scheme according to rules set by “Annual Holidays Act”. Besides, there are rules that ensure safety of employees at the working place and rules to maintain healthy working conditions.

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