Management Jobs in Norway

Management jobs in Norway are copious in the country as the employment rate is fast increasing. As new companies are emerging on regular basis, job opportunities are also increasing.

As a result of that, more and more candidates are being recruited in Norway in several fields. One such major area is the management sector where there is a shortage of suitable candidates.

So if you are interested in management jobs in Norway, then do read this page for your future assistance.It is a general question that what kinds of Management jobs are available in Norway? There are various posts offered in Management jobs in Norway. Some major posts are listed here to make your vision clear regarding Management jobs in Norway. To know the details about Management jobs in Norway, stay with us.

Educational qualifications: For procurement of the above mentioned jobs you are required to have a master’s degree in management studies. You also need to specialize in the respective areas - as for example HR Managers have to specialize in Human Resources and Business managers must have a specialization in Business Management.

Other requirements: The applicants must be fluent in English. Apart from that they need to know Norwegian languages. They must have very good managerial capacity as well as must have interactive skills. Business managers are required to have exposure in
marketing related jobs.

Work experience: A minimum 5 years experience is required to apply for these posts. If you have more years of experience it is rewarding.

Working hours: In Norway you are required to work for 5 days a week. Work starts at 8.00 am in the morning and continues till 4.00 in the evening. But some offices start at 9.00 am and are open till 5.00. There are some other organizations in Norway which have their working hours from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Pay scale: There are no fixed pay scales for management jobs in Norway. While the maximum scale can go up to a £ 70,000 per annum there are no specified minimum scales. You can feel free to negotiate with your recruiters as per market rates. There are other benefits too along with the salary. Those are paid in terms of bonus and other incentives.

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