Placement Consultants in Norway

There are several Placement Consultants in Norway, as in the recent years the rate of employment is increasing. Many Placement Consultants in Norway are also mushrooming in a large scale. If you have any plans of working in Norway, then the first thing you need to do is search as much information as possible from the placement Consultants in Norway. We are here to ease your job by providing the names and contact details of the conspicuous Placement Consultants in Norway. All you have to do is just hang on.

It is a common phenomenon that every applicant becomes confused with numerous Placement Consultants of Norway and remains undecided at the end of the search. But our mission is to make you free from all sorts of hassles and equip you with loads of information so that you can tackle the situation comfortably.

Placement consultants in Norway help you to provide authentic information about job vacancies and they assist you to process your CV keeping in mind the demands of recruiters. They advice you to make your resumes better, provide essential grooming and give you guidance on every steps along your job application.

For your assistance, the names and contact details of a few Placement Consultants are provided at the end of this page. Feel free to add these names to your list before you send a job application. All the Placement Consultants listed here are authentic and 100% reliable. So don't hesitate to full utilization of the information—names and contact details of the Placement Consultants of Norway—provided here.

Address: Oslo, 0121, Norway Tel: 47 022 30 54 65

Address: Oslo, 0135, Norway Tel: 47 022 36 73 39

Address: Steners gt. 1 E
0050 Oslo
Tel: +47 22 05 96 00
Fax: +47 22 17 60 63

Address: Rosenkrantzgt. 22
0160 Oslo
Tel +47 22 40 17 00
Fax +47 22 40 17 10

Address: Økernveien 145
0580 Oslo
Tel.: + 47 22 72 47 00
Fax.: +47 22 72 47 10

Name : Mercuty Urval Norway
Address : Postboks 200 Skoyen No-0213
City : Oslo
Telephone No. : 47-22514500
Website/E-Mail :
Remarks : This is an international agency focussing on recruitment of the top and senior level professionals. They have 80 offices in 22 countries

Name : Sam International
Address : Dyrlokkeveien 13 N-1440
City : Drobak
Telephone No. : 47-64988660
Website/E-Mail :
Remarks : This agency has an international presence in several countries all across Europe and rest of the world. They focus on the legal profession

Name : Step Stone
Website/E-Mail :
Remarks : The Step Stone network provides candidates with access to opportunities across Europe. For recruiters Step Stone provides an effective tool for international and pan-European recruitment campaigns

Name : Horton International
Address : PB573 Centrum 0105
City : Oslo
Telephone No. : 47-22432870
Website/E-Mail :
Remarks : With 30 offices worldwide, Horton International has the resources and the local-market expertise to help firms attract the most qualified and suitable talent from around the world

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