Management Jobs in Pakistan

In the recent few years Pakistan has come a long way in development. It has improved in various fields and has gained access to the global market. With the upcoming of various private and public sectors along with foreign investments, in the last few years we find a good job market in the management section. The new openings of business management schools and college prove the point - Management jobs are highly demanded these days.

Posts offered:
To give the private as well as public sector, the desired global standard, management students are in good demand these days. There are various sectors that recruit management students. These sectors are as follows:
  • banks, insurance
  • property and real estate
  • advertising
  • government and public sector
  • sales

    Qualifications: Though the qualification for private and public sector differs, the most commonly accepted qualification in management jobs is the degrees allotted from business schools .Some of the courses and degrees that are accepted in management jobs are as follows:
  • MBA
  • BBA
  • MS
  • MCS
  • BSCS
  • LLB
  • PGD

    Work Experience: The scope for career growth in this sector is relatively high. Like all other countries, Pakistan is also gaining from the increase in management jobs. There are approximately more than 100 management institutes in Pakistan.

    Pay Scale: There is a difference in pay scale for management jobs in private and public sector. The private sector offers incentives to improve on the productivity and profit which is absent in public sector. The salary in public sector is calculated based on other traditionally set criteria

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