Nursing Jobs in Pakistan

Nursing is one of the most crucial health care jobs for any country. In Pakistan, the health care system is facing a shortage of nurses in most of the hospitals. This was felt more acutely in the severe earthquake of October 2005 which took thousands of lives. Since then the Pakistan government has been trying to revamp the nursing profession by introducing a number of beneficial policies.

Nursing jobs in Pakistan are also often hindered due to the old nursing training system. A new system of nursing education has been set up in Pakistan. The Higher Education Commission has been entitled with the job of improving the standards of prevailing nursing education system. Also, under the aegis of the Board, a post graduate course in Nursing will be started. Many unemployed nurses will be entitled to government scholarships for pursuing higher education in Nursing. Also, in view of improving the health care system the Government has decided to refurbish the primary and secondary health services first. As a result a large number of professional nurses are required here. There are approximately 30,000 nurses employed in Pakistan which is far less than the requirement of the country. The following information will give you a clearer perspective for nursing jobs in Pakistan.

Posts offered:

Pediatric Nurses
Classified Nurses
General ward Nurses
Specialized Nurses
Gynecology Nurse
Critical Care Nurses

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Education from a recognized University in Pakistan or abroad. Also, should have done her specialization in Pediatrics/cardiac/ orthopedic or other categories.

Work Experience: Usually due to lack of nurses, fresh graduates are appointed. However, for government or private hospitals and nursing homes in the city, experienced and professional nurses are given preference.

Working Hours: The working hours are not specified by the hospitals and nursing homes.

Pay Scale: Salary for nursing jobs in Pakistan is not specified in most cases.

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