Media Jobs in Philippines

Media is gaining ground as a potential industry in Philippines. Over the past few years many television channels, radio, print house have opened up here. Media jobs in Philippines are becoming a significant player in their developing economy. Films of Philippines hold a prestigious position in whole of Asia and in the world cinema. Gerardo de Leon, Gregorio Fernandez, Eddie Romero, Lamberto V. Avellana, Amando Garces,Cirio H. Santiago, Cesar Gallardo are some of the legendary Philippino film directors of the world. ACQ-Kingdom Broadcasting Network, Associated Broadcasting Company,GMA Films,GMA Network, GMA Pinoy TV, Manila Broadcasting Company, Inc, Progressive Broadcasting Corporation,Quest Broadcasting Inc,Radio Mindanao Network are some of the principal media companies in Philippines.

Media in Philippines is comprised of films, print media (newspaper), radio, television, advertising etc. presently due to the globalisation in entertainment, media jobs in Philippines are generating rewarding employment opportunities. Employment opportunities in media are many. Media in Philippines is not hierarchical. Both the private and government media organization co-exists in a healthy manner in this country. Print media in Philippines is regarded as the most free in whole of Asia. While radio still remain as the most approachable media in Philippines. During the last few years advertising has made significant progress in Philippines, with a creative pool of talents, advertising in Philippines is making big in the global scenario. Below is given list of few names in :

  • Manila Bulletin
  • Business Daily
  • Philippine Daily Inquirer

  • Cosmopolitan Philippines
  • People Asia
  • Candy

    Television channels:
  • ABS-CBN [2]
  • NBN
  • GMA Network[3]
  • RPN

  • Philippine Broadcasting Service DZRB 40 kW. 738 kHz 1945
  • Interactive Broadcast Media, Inc. DWWW 25 kW. 774 kHz
  • Rajah Broadcasting Network DZRJ 10 kW. 810 kHz 1963
  • Radio Veritas-Global Broadcasting System

    There are number of jobs you you can do in media. Media jobs in Philippines can range form technical to creative. Follow the information below to have a clearer understanding regarding media jobs in Philippines:

    Post Offered:
  • Journalist
  • News anchor
  • Film director
  • Sound recordist
  • Cameraman
  • Copywriter
  • Film/Digital editor etc

    Working Experience:
    Not specified.

    Different technical qualification are required for all of the above mentioned positions.

    Pay scale:
    For the initial period salary can be very low but once settled pay scale can be unexpected.

    Working Hour:
    Not specified

    Language Required:
    Good in Filipino and English.

    Other Skills:
  • Must be creative
  • Must be innovative

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