Teaching Jobs in Philippines

Education in Philippines during the Spanish era was highly religious and mainly meant for the elite. In the year 1863 education in Philippines liberalized. During the last few decades education in Philippines has undergone major changes. with the development in educational infrastructure, teaching jobs in Philippines are in high demand. The educational structure of Philippines is divided into:

Pre- school educational
  • Day care ( age -3)
  • nursery( age-4)
  • Kindergarten(age-5)
  • Preparatory( age-6)

    Primary/Elementary education:
  • Primary school educational( age- 7-10)
  • Elementary school education(age-11-12)

    Secondary Education
  • secondary high school education( age- 13-16)

    Vocational/ Technical education:
  • Post secondary/middle school educational(age-17-19)
  • vocational education ( 17-20)

    Higher Education/Baccalaureate
  • Pre-Baccalaureate ( 17-19)
  • 4-Year Degree Course Baccalaureate ( 17-20)
  • 5-Year Degree Course (17-21)
  • (e.g.architechture, engineering, Vet Med.)
  • 6-Year Degree Program (e.g. some allied medical program)

Master's degree is usually 2 years after baccalaureate and doctorate degree is usually after 3 years of master's. Government of Philippines has strongly focused on the education of Philippines. For teaching in general elementary level, teachers must have a bachelor's degree in elementary education(B.E.Ed). Pre-school teachers must have a minimum of six units of pre-primary education. For teaching at secondary level, a minimum of bachelor's degree in secondary education(B.S.Ed) is required. The duration of these programs are for four years. In this age of globalisation, teaching in Philippines could be very rewarding. View the information below regarding teaching jobs in Philippines:

Post Offered:
You can teach in any of the educational structure in Philippines in accordance to your qualification, training and certificate, some of the teaching positions are mentioned below:
  • High school teacher
  • Elementary teacher
  • Pre school teacher
  • Maths teacher
  • Music teacher
  • English teacher
  • Special English teachers etc

  • Qualification:
    Unspecified but, applicant must possess at least a bachelor's/college degree in any field, LET( License Examination for
    Teachers) Passer/Eligible or with Earning Units in Education.

    Working Experience:
    Unspecified, but a professional working experience in teaching is required for most of the above mentioned position, however fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply for some of the above mentioned positions.

    Attractive, a teacher can earn upto Php(peso) 12,000.00 and up, more over the skills and qualification of the applicant also influence the pay scale. Special English teacher can earn Php 200/hr minimum.

    Working Hour:
    Unspecified but commonly according to the schedule and timings of the school or colleges/university.

    Other Requirements:
    To work in Philippines, you must have the permission to live and work here.

    Other Skills:
  • Must be patient
  • Genuinely like students/ people.
  • Must have a good communication skills etc

  • Applying for teaching jobs in Philippines and give your career a great leap.

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