Tourism Jobs in Philippines

With its natural beauty, tourism is becoming one of the important sectors of Philippines. Tourism as an industry is developing rapidly here, providing tourism jobs to many people. During the last few years the number of tourists has risen significantly in Philippines. Olango Wildlife Sanctuary, The Chocolate Hills, Boracay, Cebu, Mindoro Island, Palawan Island, Casa Manila, Paco Park, Coconut Palace are some of the popular tourist attractions of Philippines. IIoilo, Boracay, Bacolod, are the most prominent investment ares in tourism. Due to the rapid growth in tourism and keeping in mind the demand in this industry, many Philippino universities have started to offer Bachelor of Hospitality Industry Management (BHIM). Over the last few years, Philippines' department of tourism has laid strong emphasis on the promotion, encouragement and the development of tourism. Tourism jobs in Philippines are generating more employment than ever before. Tourism in Philippines has become prominent socio-economic activity, it is also increasing foreign investment and no doubt employment. Both tourism and tourism jobs in Philippines are growing and providing employment opportunities to many potential graduates. Philippines with its natural resources, exquisite scenic views, racetracks, museums, historical sites, cultural and ethnic resources, recreation opportunities, special events and festivals etc, they are all making tourism a very vibrant economic and business activity. To know more about tourism jobs in Philippines, read the information below:

Post Offered:
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Waiter / Waitresses
  • Cook
  • F&B Cost Control Officer
  • Sous Chef
  • Chef Pastry / Baker etc

    Unspecified, but for the position of waiter / waitresses, no such professional qualifications is required but a minimum of high school graduate is preferred. For most of the above mentioned positions candidate must possess at least a bachelor's/college degree in hospitality/tourism management or equivalent.

    Pay Scale:
    Unspecified but competitive, more over skills and experience of the candidate,star status of the hotel, restaurants also influence the pay scale.

    Working Hour:

    Working Experience:
    Unspecified but a minimum working experience of more than 2 years in tourism industry is required for most of the above positions.

    Language Required:
    Fluent in Filipino and English, moreover in tourism knowing of multiple tongues could be an asset

    Other Skills:
  • Ability take initiatives
  • Must be responsible
  • Must be constructive
  • Ability to manage different people

    Grab the lucrative tourism jobs in Philippines and excel in your career.

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