Placement Consultants in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is thriving with a number of job opportunities. Keen employees from world over come to Czech Republic to build their future and get a job matching their profile.

With the job market getting bigger and better, more and more are applying. For a single job there are hundreds of applications. In such a tuff job scenario, finding a job can be a daunting task. There are various agencies of the placement consultants in Czech Republic that are of great help. Czech Republic placement consultants help the employees in the search prospective and positions that would suit the employee’s job requirement and educational qualification.

Consultants are the people that have all the information about the market regarding the best vacancies available. A recruitment consultant would also have to stay in regular contact with them. These placement consultants ask candidates to submit the resume/CV and fill forms. A good placement consultant in Czech Republic takes away job seeker’s tension, as they understand the opportunities or field that would be best for the prospective employees. They arrange interview session and various tests. Placement consultants use good tactics for job search. To brighten up your chances and come in highlight, it’s quite a good move to register with one, two or many recruitment agencies in Czech Republic. It is very important to stay in an amiable relationship on a regular basis with your recruitment consultant. The best way to get a job in any industry is to make a good impression in the minds of the consultants.

Make an effort so that the consultant should be well aware of your name and capabilities. Be in regular touch with the recruitment consultant. As they are very busy people and on a daily basis receives lots of CV'S or resumes. Contact the placement cell daily for new openings otherwise you might be left out and missing any new opening. While discussing your job prospects make sure to mention your requirements and preferences so that they can select or find the job of your dreams. Candidates must take an initiative to stay in contact with the recruitment consultants. Chances are they respond better to those who share a cordial relationship with clients. These placement consultants are an expert and very helpful in the design of your resume or CV.

Check out the top recruitment consultants in Czech Republic. The following list contains the address of some of the Belgium top placement agencies that will help employees to find a right job. The list contains the contact number, E-mail, address and valid remarks about the Czech Republic placement.
  1. Name : Professional People
    Address :
    City : Prague
    Telephone No. :
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This is a Czech recruiting agency focussing on junior to mid level recruitments. The area of focus is Information Technology, Sales & Marketing and Accounting and Finance

  2. Name : GRN Global Recruiters
    Address : Platnerksa 6
    City : Prague
    Telephone No. : 42-0222222182
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks :This is one of the oldest recruiting agencies in the Czech Republic. They deal in all kinds of managerial jobs - across all industries and levels

  3. Name : Diageo Careers
    Address :
    City : Prague
    Telephone No. :
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This agency is always looking for exceptional talent around the world. Their area of expertise is international recruitments. They operate throughout Europe and in all the major cities of the world

  4. Name : Horton International
    Address : Czech s.r.o Kralovicka 35 100 00
    City : Prague
    Telephone No. : 42-0274816990
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : With 30 offices worldwide, Horton International has the resources and the local-market expertise to help firms attract the most qualified and suitable talent from around the world

  5. Name: Jobtrack Management Services Pvt. Ltd.
    Address: P O Box 12995
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3977751
    FAX: 9714-3966220

  6. Name:JIC Management Consultants
    Address: P O Box 23343
    City: Duba.
    Telephone No.: 9714-42824037
    FAX: 9714-2822685

  7. Name: Dubai Ma Foi Management Consultants
    Address: Bldg No. 8, Office No. 330, Dubai Media City
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3903150
    FAX: 9714-3908195

  8. Name: Kershaw Leonard
    Address: Suite 425 Emarat Atrium Bldg Sheikh Zayed Road
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3434606
    FAX: 9714-3438330

  9. Name: ABC Consultants
    Address: 207 Seddiqui Bldg Khalid Bin Walid Road
    City: Dubai
    Telephone No.: 9714-3526168

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