Placement Consultants in Netherlands

Placement consultants in Netherlands help the employees in the search prospective and positions. It aids placement consultants to suit the employee’s job requirement and educational qualification. Consultants in Netherlands have the updates of the market regarding the vacancies available. They stay in regular contact with them and even ask candidates to submit their resume and fill required forms. Placement consultant job is to take away employees’ tension. They understand the opportunities that would be best for the prospective employees. They plan out interview session and various tests. To brighten their chances and come in highlight, it’s quite a good move to register with a number of recruitment agencies in Czech Republic. It’s better to make an effort to maintain the cordial relationship with placement consultants of Netherlands. Contact then on daily or weekly basis for new openings otherwise you might be left out and missing any new opening. In every discussion mention your requirements and preferences so that they can select or find the job of your dreams. These placement consultants are an expert and very helpful in the design of your resume or CV.

Here’s a list of contact details of the some of the best placement consultants in Netherlands. Check out their location, address, telephone number, email address and other important information.
  1. Sell Form
    Address : Stationsweg 35 Hertogenbosch
    City : Netherlands
    Telephone No. :31-73-6126565
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This is one of the large recruiting agencies in Netherlands. Its website has a special feature, in that it allows candidates and firms to act and react on the vacancies mentioned on the site

  2. Recruitment Partners
    Address : lange Vijverberg 5 2513 A C den
    City : Haag
    Telephone No. : 31-070-3650916
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This agency deals with all kinds of jobs - all kinds of industries and at all levels

  3. Van Zoelen Recruitment
    Address : PO Box 147 2040 A C
    City : Zandvoort
    Telephone No. : 31-23-5716944
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This agency specializes in jobs for the Information Technology and other areas like Engineering.

  4. Pantapasin International
    Address : Heiman dullaertplein 3 3024 CA0
    City : Rotterdam
    Telephone No. : 31-10-4252520
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This agency specializes in staffing requirements of large corporations - both temporary and permanent

  5. CBE Corporate Recruitment Services B.V.
    Address : 1016 BV Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Remarks : It is one of the most top recruitment consultants in Netherlands. It is dedicated towards recruiting services in diverse fields like government, education, social organizations and many more. It has an expertise in the spheres like strategy development, innovation and business, change management etc.

  6. O'Connell Marketing Recruitment B.V.
    Address:You can contact them at 1082 MA Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Remarks: It is a leading recruitment consultant in Netherlands, whose clients comprises of various international corporations. They are totally motivated towards placing the right candidate in the right firm. Providing the right career choices is their utmost priority and hence their main objective is to bring successful combination of candidates and clients.

  7. Talent Enterprise
    Address : 3461 HW Linschoten, Netherlands.
    Remarks : It is a major recruitment consultants in Netherlands. It specializes in recruiting services in various fields like Finance, Banking, HRM, Legal, Marketing, and many more.

  8. Pride Company – Human Capital Recruitment
    Address : 1096BK Amsterdam, Netherlands – 0203301400.
    Remarks : This specialist recruitment consultant in Netherlands specializes in job placements in fields like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Production, Engineering, logistics and many more.

  9. Docs International
    Address : 1181 ZA Amstelveen, Netherlands – 020 7150000.
    Remarks: It is a leading and specialist recruitment consultant in Netherlands and is dedicated to those people who are seeking a challenging career move and the freshers. It specializes in recruitment services in the Healthcare industry.

  10. Aspecto Professionals
    Address :1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Remarks: This recruitment consultant is renowned for its committed services towards its clients. Through its experience and enormous knowledge it is working towards making a long lasting match between the clients and the candidates.

  11. Huxley Associates
    Address: Singel 540, 1017 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  12. Metaplan Consultants
    Address : 1017 EN Amsterdam, Netherlands – 020 4924310.
    Remarks: This is one of the renowned recruitment consultant in Netherlands. In fact it is internationally renowned.

  13. Newday Consultants
    Address : 2012 LJ Haarlem, Netherlands – 023 5112430.
    Remarks : This recruitment consultant provides the right job for the right candidate. The clients depends on this recruitment firm as they remain assured that they will be offered the right eligible employees.

  14. Holtrop Ravesloot & Partners Remarks: This famous recruitment consultant in Netherlands was founded in the year 1960. They have set high standards towards their executive search. They believe in a lasting customer satisfaction through improved performances.

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