Placement Consultants in USA

Professionals and Technocrats have abundance of opportunity to work in USA. But finding a right job in U.S.A is always not easy. USA is one of the most favored nations those looking for job opportunities abroad. Students, aspirants, job seekers, trained professionals- number-1 choice is USA. Every year millions of people come to USA for brighter job prospects.

If you are fortunate enough to get hired through campus recruitment in a U.S based company, you have all the advantage of getting work visa approved. But that is the case only (possibly) when you are pursuing a professional course from top ranked universities or colleges. But for professionals who on the basis of experience and skills developed while working, looking for jobs in U.S then Job consultants is one of the best sources. Job zing offers list of top recruitment consultants or job consultants in U.S.A.

There are a number of placement consultants in USA. These consultants put their lot of time and effort. In USA, companies such as multinational companies, KPOs, BPOs, IT industry etc go through a job placement agency to recruit a right candidate for the vacant position. As it is a much easier for their recruitment process. By hiring the services of recruitment consultants, companies can narrow down on the time and resources to find a suitable candidate. Placement consultants in USA are reliable and able to do their jobs well.

Benefits of Placement Consultants:

Placement consultants in USA help job seekers to get the best job in quick time and in a hassle-free way. Consultancies even give valuable and important suggestions on CV building and interviews. Getting a job in USA with the help of a placement consultant helps in synthesizing job in a best way possible. It helps candidates to land the most suitable job. Also these consultancies quickly build an effective network in USA and thus make entry into the professional circle faster and ffrom this site one can get the material for Interviews also like Questions, Tips etc. that can help in getting a job.

1.Connections Personnel
Address: Connections Personnel
764 Easton Avenue Somerset
New Jersey 08873
Telephone no.: (732) 745 9955
FAX: (732) 745 1188

2. Business Interface Inc.
Address: 19 South Street
Maryland - 21202
Telephone no.: (410) 685 3935
FAX: (410) 685 3936

3.New Town Solutions, Inc.
Address: 4769 Dakota Street SE
Prior Lake, MN - 55372
Telephone no.: (952) 440 4400
Toll Free no.: 1 877 201 0876

4. Alp Consulting Inc.
Address: 1080, Amboy Avenue, Edison
New Jersey- 088 37,USA
Telephone no.: +14163614700
FAX: +14163614770

5.Avenue Corporate Services Pvt Ltd
Address:18810 N W 19th Street Pembroke Pines,
FAX: (954) 4429336

6. Sanford Rose
Address:15280 NW Central Drive,
Suite 202-2 Portland, 97229,USA
Telephone no.:503/614 -1861
FAX: 503/614-0636

7.Stanton Chase
Address: 1620 Tuburon Boulevard Tiburon,
CA 94920 USA
Telephone no.: (514)875-966-9520
FAX: (514)875 -9241

8. Concept in Staffing Inc
Address: 9E. 37th Street
New York, 10016, USA
Telephone no.: +1 212 293 4325
FAX: +212 6152778

9. Bergeris and Company Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 341, Larchmont
NewYork 10583, USA
Telephone no.: +1 914 8330519
FAX: + 914 834 6461

10. Westray Recruitment Consultants
Address: 13-14, Concord House, Speculation Place,
Concord District -11, Washington NE372AS USA
Telephone no.: 0191 415 1100
FAX: 0191 415 5148

To contact the placement consultants and get the benefits, call on the provided phone numbers, mail them directly or register yourself by login in the respective websites. To acquire additional benefits you can register in more than one consultancy.

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