10 Mistakes in an interview

10 Mistakes in an interview:

Though interviews are an inevitable part of the recruitment process, not many of us have a good idea regarding what are considered to be the gravest mistakes in this arena. Let us see which the top ten mistakes in an interview are and how we can avoid those.

1. Lying: It often happens that if the path of the conversation between the prospective employer and the candidate drifts to an area that the latter has no knowledge of, he/she often takes to lying in order to impress the interviewer. This however is one of the most common and gravest mistakes and needs to be avoided. The candidate must realize that the employer is experienced enough and would get to know if the candidate is not telling the truth. This would definitely decrease the credibility of the candidate and mar his chances of getting the job. So, it is best to be honest and let the interviewer know if the answer is not known to the candidate.

2. Lack of Research: Going to an interview session without adequate preparation is a strict no-no. The moment the interviewer realizes that the candidate has not done enough research about the organization and hardly has any idea regarding the products and the services of the company, he/she will lose interest and cancel the candidature without further ado.

3. Lack of Professionalism: Though the interviewers often make the candidates comfortable so that they do not have a nervous breakdown due to the intense amount of anxiety and pressure, the job seeker must not let go of the official decorum. They should not divulge personal details that could be irrelevant or controversial in nature.

4. Lack of positive attitude: The candidate should not treat the interview session as a platform to vent out his/her grievances against the past employer. This too is a common mistake and can cost the job seeker the opportunity for employment. They must put up a happy face and maintain a positive attitude. Without it ,the prospective employer will assume that the candidate will speak in the same manner about him/her after he/she leaves the concern.

5. Dressing inappropriately: More than half of the hiring managers are of the opinion that most of the times the candidates are dressed in an inappropriate manner. Job seekers must dress themselves officially in a business suit/formals and suitable footwear. They must not wear anything flashy or over the top as it might distract the interviewers.

6. Vague answers: Clarity is one of the most important attributes that interviewers look for in a candidate. The candidate must be able to talk about his/her goals and aspirations clearly to convince the employers that he/she is the best person for the position offered by the organization. Vague answers put the interviewers off and they lose interest in the candidate immediately.

7. Arrogance: Confidence is a positive attribute whereas arrogance can be extremely detrimental to the chances of the job seeker getting selected. There must be a certain amount of modesty in the candidate.

8. Not asking good questions: One of the frequently asked questions at interview sessions is, “Do you have any questions for us?” In order to ask good questions to the prospective employer, the candidate must research well about the company and pose questions about areas that he/she is not clear about. It could either be about the job profile, about certain company policies and such like.

9. Talking too much: The job seekers must not talk too much and stick to what they have been asked. Irrelevant details often distract the interviewers and could result in the cancellation of the candidature.

10. Forgetting to follow up: Whether a candidate is confident of having made a good impression or not, it is extremely important to follow up. This could be done with a thank you note or a thank you mail. This helps the interviewer to remember the candidate and creates a good impression anyway.

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