10 Tech Interview Errors

Even after having given your best in the interview, you might fail to land the job for which you’ve been preparing for weeks. You reached the venue in time, you had the job profile on your fingertips and you answered most of the questions to the interviewer’s satisfaction but still you can’t help surmising what went wrong. Job seekers who come a cropper during the interview procedure often make glaring blunders (which are more often than not tangible or comprehensible to them).

According to interviewers and hiring managers, job seekers, especially those who apply for technical positions end up making conspicuous errors during the interview session. Apprising yourself of the common errors job applicants make during technical interviews will help you to keep them at bay when you appear for an interview yourself.

1.Dressing Inappropriately

How you dress up (or dress down for that matter) does matter a lot as far as your technical interview. If you feel that answering all the posers of your interviewer or your prospective employer will be more than enough to seal the deal, then you’re living in a fool’s paradise. Your interviewer takes a good look at you the moment you enter the room and forms a first impression about you even before you can start to speak. So it does not need to be emphasized that you should be perfectly dressed for the occasion.

2.Going Overboard With Your Skills

You’ll certainly have an edge over other candidates, if you’ve a surfeit of professional certifications and credentials. However, do not overboard with your technical skills when you’re asked to relate them. You should keep in mind that the interviewer wants to know how you can contribute to organizational growth with your professional competence and not about your technical knowledge.

3.Being Arrogance

Many job applicants who’re no doubt consummate techies mistake their arrogance as self-confidence and it shows during the interview session. Technical professionals take pride in their technological acumen and just love to brag about the same in the interview. It’s good to be confident about your skills but being arrogant can be disastrous.

4.Improper Communication

In a technical interview, you’ll surely have to field some behavioural or situational questions. Depending on the nature of the question, you’ll have to frame an appropriate answer. Just responding with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions like ‘do you have a fair idea about computer programming?’ or ‘have you ever been hauled by your superior for not completing a task effectively?’ will put you in a bad light.

5.Not Keeping Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact with your interviewer throughout the interview process is an absolute must. Keeping eye contact is a sign that you’re confident about yourself. On the other hand, fixing your gaze on the floor or on the walls shows that you’re attending the session with an air of resignation.

6.Going Unprepared

It is very easy nowadays to collect information about the company you’re intending to work with. So, you’d be jeopardizing your chances (of getting the job), if you go unprepared. Don’t go to the interview with superficial info about the organization but rather conduct a detailed research about the same.

7.Being Overtly Casual

These days, many interviews, including technical ones are being held outdoors (outside of the office premises) either in a restaurant or a cafeteria where the setting may be very informal. But that doesn’t mean that you should also be casual during the session. Being overtly casual may reflect your lack of earnestness or sincerity with regards to the job position.

8.Being Too Inquisitive about Salary or Perks

Your interviewer is not the right person to answer your queries regarding salary, perks, holiday incentives, and work insurance. These questions are apposite for the HR manager.

9.Not Demonstrating Interest About the Company

Not showing interest about the company’s missions and visions will not rub off well on the interviewer. Also not having any idea about the industrial or commercial sector the firm is in demonstrates your disinterest in the concern.

10.Not Despatching or Mailing a Thank You Note

Contrary to what you might think, not sending a thank you note after the interview process might be a tad discourteous. Remember, everybody loves to hear a good word about oneself and you’ll be creating a favourable impression if you send in a thank you note after your interview is over.

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