10 Tips to Boost Your Interview Skills

Doing well in an interview is simply about preparing correctly. An interview is a process that is inclined not only towards the skills of an individual, but the overall personality. So, if you are preparing for an upcoming interview, here are ten skills that will definitely give you a fairer chance of bagging a job.

Mind your body language: Three things are extremely important, a firm handshake, a confident posture and eye contact. This must be cultivated into an involuntary habit before you appear for an interview.

Dress appropriately:In the corporate world, people believe in dressing for the job they want and not the job that they have. This only means that you must always be groomed to your best. Wear a formal outfit, a neat shirt or even a suit will work. Casual dressing usually sets the impression of a laid back attitude that does not work well in an interview.

Talk as needed The common mistake that many candidates make out of enthusiasm is that they tend to talk a little too much. Avoid this under all circumstances. The key to ensure that you do not ramble is to prepare well for your interview. Sometimes, going in unprepared could lead to actually talking yourself out of a good opportunity.

Retain the formal environment Never try to become too familiar with your interviewer. Treat your interview like a formal business talk. Conduct yourself with dignity. Project a keen personality that is still very much in control and aware of the scenario.

Listen to your interviewer Take notes from what is being said you during an interview. Very often, the interviewer may dispatch important information very subtly. Listening is as important as talking in the process of communication. Therefore, listen well throughout your interview.

Be aware of your words In an interview, you never want to use slangs and gender, racial or religious references. The language you use must ooze dignity and must be completely professional. You must not say anything that commonly offends people.

Mind your attitude People often mix up confidence and over confidence. Nothing puts off an interviewer more than a show off. Demonstrate your skills with modesty and professionalism. Only talk about your skills as needed to make sure that you do not project a ‘ I am too good for this’ image.

Give examples whenever you can If an interviewer asks you about particular skills, give examples of your previous works to emphasize on your capabilities. Make sure your answers are precise, yet powerful.

Never cook up stories When an interviewer asks you questions, answer honestly. The common mistake is that people just talk about stuff that they think might impress the interviewers. For instance, if an interviewer asks you about your hobbies, make sure you do not mention something that you do not know anything about. The following question might just pull the curtain off your fantasy answers.

Do not hesitate to ask questions Inquisitiveness is never a bad quality. If you have doubts regarding a question or even the post itself, be open and ask questions. When the interview asks whether you have any questions, do not answer with a blatant "No". This may come across as a lack of interest in the organization and the job. When you appear in an interview, just make sure you do not try too hard at any point. Be relaxed and confident, and your chances will always be high.  

Last Updated On:05/09/2013

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