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The Indian telecommunications giant, Airtel that had later forayed into life insurance and retail offer some of the most exciting job opportunities. If you are one of those who has received an interview call from Airtel, you better start preparing for the same. In fact it would be better to say that you should start preparing way in advance, much before you have actually got a call from the company. Your job interview preparation should start right from the time when you have finished your college or university or a vocational course. Listed below are a few points on how you should prepare for an interview at Airtel.

Your interview preparation should start by finding out about the entire interview process at Airtel and then making preparations accordingly. In this respect it would be useful to mention that your selection will be based on two major tests namely the placement test and the actual interview.

The placement test contains three parts including the Quantitative ability test, Aptitude test and the Verbal English test. The time slots dedicated to each part stand like this

  • Quantitative ability test- 15 minutes
  • Aptitude test – 20 minutes
  • Verbal English- 20 minutes
The verbal English portion will require you to join sentences, pick out wrong options in a given section and also solve basic grammar based questions. As its name suggests, the Aptitude test will evaluate your general aptitude and you have to be real fast in answering this portion.

The key to crack the placement test will be to refer to prescribed books and solve questions on a regular basis. At times online placement papers are available. These are kinds of mock tests to bolster a candidate’s interview preparations. You can check out the general placement papers which you think have questions that are similar to those asked at Airtel placement papers. Then you can start solving them. It is a wonderful way to hone your interview preparedness as it tests your speed and accuracy at the same time. The stipulated time period by which you should finish the paper is mentioned on these papers and you yourself will get to know how many questions you have got right. There will be no chance to violate the time period as the moment you start taking the test a stop watch starts ticking. However please do not be disheartened if the initial results of these tests fail to fulfill your expectations. You should give yourself repeated chances to improve on your performance rather than being let down by unsatisfactory results. Thus start preparing early

You will be called for an interview if you clear the written test. The general interview at Airtel will require you to take your preparations to a notch higher since this time you are actually going to face the panelists. Many a time it has been found that candidates perform extremely well during the written test, but their nervousness to face interviewers often fails to seal the deal for them. Thus asides from preparing the interview questions you should also take care of the way you talk, walk and maintain your body language in front of the interviewer. It is only understandable that you will be feeling the nerves before the interview but do not let it jeopardize your shot at the job.

Some of the questions that you might expect at an Airtel interview are listed below:

General Interview Questions
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Are you really desperate for this job?
  • Tell us how a telecommunications industry contributes towards the economic growth of India?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What will be your course of action if another company offers you a better package than us?
  • Tell us something about your projects in your final years.
  • Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Possible Interview Questions for the Promotions and Advertising Positions
  • Which advertisements do you think have gone down best with the youth of this country? Which one of them do you think worked wonderfully well to bolster our sales in the rural regions?
  • What is the organized method of implementing regional marketing promotions by our company?

Possible Interview Questions for Sales positions
  • What kind of experience do you have in Sales?
  • Tell us about some of the products which have been introduced by us recently

Now that you have a general idea about the questions to be asked at an Airtel interview, do avail the following tips mentioned below to step up your preparations:

  • Consult the Internet and prescribed books thoroughly for Airtel interview questions and general telecommunications interview questions as well
  • Practice mock interviews in front of the mirror
  • Consult good videos on maintenance of body language during an interview
  • Avoid lying about yourself in the interview—the panelists are clever enough to notice possible discrepancies and will not think twice before disqualifying you
  • Maintain punctuality
  • Keep aside your interview dress one day ahead of the D day so that you do not waste your precious time in zeroing in on your dress in the morning before attending the interview
  • Wear the right make up

It is advisable that you do not consult personal experiences of working at Airtel, a day prior to the interview--- you might come across varied experiences of people who are working or have already worked for the company---- not all of them might seem that encouraging--- that might dent your confidence--- this things should be done earlier and not necessarily on a mandatory basis--- remember that a decision to join a company should only rest with you--- you are clever enough to at least have a fair idea about your prospects at the company on the day of the interview, so trust your judgment and nothing else


Now that you have gained a fair idea of the ways of preparing for the selection procedure at Airtel, it is better you start your preparations from now only. Needless to mention that throughout the years of its dedicated services, Airtel today had established its position among one of the key brands in India and there will be many contesting for a much coveted position at the company. Thus gear up from now only!

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