Are Your Interview Skills Apt for Today's Market?

The market for jobs has undergone a radical and dynamic change in the past 4 to 5 decades. On one hand, rapid strides made in information technology and internet technology have led to the proliferation of new career options and opportunities in almost every commercial and industrial segment of the economy. But on the other hand, a majority of traditional or conventional job positions have dwindled.

This has led to increasing pressure on available job vacancies which essentially mean that there are more candidates applying for a typical job position nowadays than they ever did in the past. There used to be a time when a candidate appearing in an interview were asked simple and straightforward questions that required a little tactfulness on the part of the jobseeker to answer them to the interviewer’s satisfaction.

But in the present times, most of the interviews (even for entry level positions) are of a behavioural or situational type that requires the candidate to have a special set of skills. These days, it is also not considered inappropriate or discourteous to address the interviewer by his or her name. You also do not need to be too formal while answering the questions. But calling the interviewer or employer by his name or being a little casual does not call for the job applicant to have extraordinary acumen.

So, considering the present job market scenario it would be worthwhile to ask whether your professional skills would help you breeze past the interview session and get you an offer of employment? What are the special skills you’d need to possess to successfully answer all the situational questions that are posed to you in an interview?

Interpersonal Skills

Corporate entities and business establishments currently have to function in a very competitive environment. Therefore, it does not need to be explicitly stated that the employees in a modern day enterprise have to communicate effectively between and amongst themselves for the overall organizational growth and development. To put it simply, one needs to have well developed interpersonal skills for effective communication to happen.

Having interpersonal skills will go a long way in not only helping you land a job but also assist you in maintaining sound business relationship with your colleagues and superiors. Efficient communication, assertive communication, conflict resolution, and anger management are some key interpersonal skills that you can do with.

Managerial or Leadership Skills

When you appear in an interview, you can take it for granted that you’ll have to field posers on managerial skills. Managerial or leadership skills will let you take strategic business decisions and guide your subordinates in the organization. Managerial skills comprise conceptual skills, technical skills, negotiation skills, motivational skills, and communication skills.

Team Building Skills

Team building skills are essential for enhancing team (employee groups) performance. You might have to face questions like ‘how important it is for a manager to possess team building skills?’ ‘How good are your team building skills?’ ‘How effectively can you communicate as a manager with your team members?’ Having team building skills helps in improving team dynamics which will ultimately lead to holistic organizational development.

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