Interview Preparation Articles

How to Follow up After the Interview
Getting increasingly curious while waiting for your interview results? Follow ups often make a good option for such situations. Following up with your interviewers ........ Read More..

How to Handle a Rude Interviewer
It is not common to find a rude interviewer as they canít afford to risk the companyís image in front of an outsider, especially someone who is seeking a ........ Read More..

How to Prepare When Planning a Profile Change
Career is all about reinventing oneself and taking on better challenges. So, after a couple of years through your career, there comes a time when you feel the need........ Read More..

Ethics of Dining Interview
If you are a job seeker, donít be surprised if you are called for an unconventional dining interview. Dining interviews are trending hugely these days, ........ Read More..

How to Take Over a Group Discussion
A job interview is likely to consist of several rounds. Every round is designed to analyze certain aspect of your personality. Some of the rounds may include written ........ Read More..

Consultants or Reference
Consultants or Reference- While looking for a job which one should be considered more important that other for getting a job. Pros and cons of both (Consultants & Reference) ........ Read More..

Necessary Minutes to Follow in the Interview
If you are a fresher, it is common to feel intimidated by interviews. It is probably because you donít know what to expect from it. Letís first understand what interviews are all about. It is no rocket science,........ Read More..

Reasons You are Not Getting Calls for Interview
People do a lot of things, while applying for jobs. They create a unique and attractive resume and compose a persuasive cover letter. Then they send their resumes to prospective employers and wait for the interview calls........ Read More..

How to Mold an Interview According to Your Wish
An interview is never easy, especially when something goes wrong on the spur of the moment and you start panicking.Missteps are too common as interviews are never predictable....... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Idea Cellular
Idea Cellular is one of the biggest mobile network operators in the country and you have to make sure that you are stepping up your interview preparations for a place here...... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Nestle India
Aspiring for a career with Nestle India Ltd. Nestle India offers an array of career options, both for fresher and for experienced professionals. Saw latest Nestle job advertisements? ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for GAIL
GAIL is the popular name and acronym of Gas Authority of India Ltd., a prominent gas transmission and marketing enterprise in India. It started its operations with the famous ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for HSBC
In order to be a part of a brand as huge as HSBC, you must master the general interview skills. How? Let us learn: ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for SDG
SDG, Strategic Decision Making, is a well known and trusted name in the field of management consulting. SDG is known for its specialist services in crucial..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for
Hailed as one of the biggest online travel companies of India, provides information on railway reservation, holiday packages, ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Club Mahindra
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. is India's leading vacation provider with a big network of fully owned resorts both ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for ITC Limited
ITC has started its journey way back in 1970 as a tobacco manufacturing company (India Tobacco Company), with time it diversified its operations and started new ventures. ..... Read More..

How to prepare for an interview at Mcdonalds?
Looking ahead for an interview at the Macdonalds? If yes then you surely wouldnít want to miss out on the tips to avail before landing up for the same...... Read More..

Know how to prepare for an interview at Apple
From redefining the meaning of smart phones, and rediscovery of mp3 to engineering, a whole range of innovations for other portable devices, American Multinational Company..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Radisson
Radisson, a US based hotel company under the Carlson Hospitality Group, has a large network of luxury hotels all around the world, comprising over 420 hotel properties globally. ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Airtel
The Indian telecommunications giant, Airtel that had later forayed into life insurance and retail offer some of the most exciting job opportunities...... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Emptoris
Emptoris is a subsidiary brand under IBM, since the later acquired it in the year 2012.IBM Emptoris is a business that provides companies with Strategic..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Ford India
Preparations for an interview with one of the leading automotive companies in India, Ford India, should start way ahead of the actual day of interview so that you ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Godrej
Godrej Group is one of the leading conglomerate businesses in India. The organization was founded in the year 1897 by Pirojsha Godrej and Ardeshir Godrej..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for IBM Daksha
IBM Daksh was established in the year 2004, after IBM acquired Daksh e-Services. Since the acquisition, the company is called ..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for Jet Airways
Getting through to the interview for the much desired profile at the esteemed Jet Airways will not be an easy task..... Read More..

Interview Preparation for SAIL
Steel Authority of India Limited also known as SAIL, is a New Delhi based steel making organization..... Read More..

Interview Actions Words for Resume
The use of powerful action words can really help you craft a compelling piece of resume, triggering you chances of getting noticed by big time recruiters..... Read More..

Do Not Panic If Interview Has Gone Wrong
All the hard work put in by you at an internship or a technical course or for that matter in a college or university may well culminate at a.... Read More..

Placement Consultants
Placement consultancies have almost become a compulsory recourse for job aspirants across the globe simply by the virtue of their working pattern.... Read More..

Training Courses for Cracking Interview
Going through short training courses for cracking your interview might turn out to be of great help for you owing to a number of reasons. These courses give... Read More..

Resume Tips
Preparing the right kind of resume to impress your prospective employer is integral to your job search. If you are all geared up for facing the interview... Read More..

Offer from Your Previous or Ex Company
Has an impressive offer from your previous company left you in a dilemma? There might be a number of reasons why you might have to quit the job... Read More..

Bank Interview Preparation
In todayís job market, getting a call back from a potential employer is cause for celebration more than ever. Of course, when you are hoping to be hired.. Read More..

College Interview Preparation
Colleges represent the gateway through which you will move to the next level of your career.College interviews therefore are very important phase of oneís life. Your performance during the interview will determine whether or not you will get the chance to study your favorite subject in your favorite college. Read More..

MBA Interview Preparation
MBA ensures a better career and hence, thousands of students aspire for MBA programs every year. To select only the best students, business schools organize for interviews. MBA interviews in the best business schools can be demanding...Read More..

Sales Interview Preparation
As the sales representative of the company you will be the responsible person to create the demand for companyís goods amongst customers. An ideal sales candidate needs to be outspoken, aggressive, assertive, ready to meet challenges and take on sales targets. Hence, the companies only look for the best candidates to fill-in the post of sales representative. Interviewing for the post of a sales person therefore can be challenging. Read More..

Teaching Interview Preparation
Teachers are the builders of the society. They are entrusted with the great responsibility of teaching the new generation so that they can grow up to become good citizens of the country and contribute towards its development.Read More..

Telephone Interview Preparation
Telephonic interview or phone interview is the newest trend in short-listing or selecting candidates for a profile. In the recent time the rate of telephonic interview has gone up as more numbers of companies have adopted it as a preferred way of screening job seekers. Telephonic interviews are conducted for several reasons, which can range from cost saving, saving HR time, short-listing large number of resume Read More..

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