Role of Pre-assessment Test for Job Interview

Pre assessment tests without a bit of doubt are the most effective way to boost your interview preparedness. The IT industry has tasted tremendous economical success in the last ten years and is looking to further streak it by employing different methods in the employment process. Employees who want to crack their much coveted interviews need to focus on their interpersonal skills asides from their academic credentials. Pre assessment or employability tests like Job Mentor can help you by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, exploring various aspects of your Technical knowhow, Aptitude etc.

Here is a brief description of some of the employability tests for a better insight into how these can bolster your chances at an interview:

Job Mentor: The entire test is based on assessment of Aptitude, Technical and Personal Interview Skills.

The Aptitude Test: Here you will be tested on your logical and analytical skills based on industry standards.

The Technical test covers relevant areas like Java, C, and C++ etc.

The Personal Interview test is the most interesting part where your one-on-one interview will be recorded and will doubly act as your video resume.

You have a great chance of being shortlisted by multiple companies (Job Mentor’s clients) after taking a single test. However, your chances are dependent on your scores.

Edustump: Edustump aids in evaluation of employability at various levels including pre assessment, mid assessment and post assessment. Pre assessment test helps in understanding existing capabilities while post assessment helps to evaluate development.

The entire process entails the evaluation of leadership skills, future needs and gaps, personality etc.

Aspirants aiming to make it big in research, engineering, marketing etc can avail the “pre-packaged assessment solutions”, while hirers can make use of their “custom-made solutions.”

Edustump acts as pre-assessed database of budding employees, who stand a chance of attracting corporate clients of Edustump.

Aspiringmids: It is another pre-assessment tool which works closely with aspiring candidates and institutions to ensure better standards of employment.

Amcat, Aspiringmids’ flagship pre assessment test helps candidates to evaluate their core competencies like communication, personality and aptitude.

After the Amcat tests are conducted campuses can collect a detailed Campus Diagonistics Report, which includes employability of campus students and also highlights possible areas where guidance is required.

Seven Stroke Feedback helps an Amcat test taker to compare his own scores with the national averages and work on his weaknesses and gaps.

HireLabs is another platform which offers you a unique opportunity of taking a pre assessment test.

Conclusion One of the biggest advantages of taking pre assessment tests is that it gives you the much coveted exposure to the host of recruiters out there. These recruiters can both be Multinational companies and SMEs. Additionally, what better way to bust your pre interview stress than attending a mock interview itself? These tests will not help freshers to get of a hang of the corporate ambiance but will certainly aid them in identifying their weaknesses and work on them.

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