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Acing a job interview might just as well require you to be a bit more tactful than merely handling the volley of questions thrown at you, with ease. If you are yet to be introduced to the Corporate world and its grueling interview rounds then you will probably not have an idea that an able interviewee is also capable of observing the body language of the interviewer during the rendezvous and reading his mind in accordance. It's important. There’s absolutely no assurance that you’ll be able to sway each and every situation to your favor while attending the job interview. But there's no harm in taking your chances either! Studying the body language of your interviewer aids you in estimating the kind of impression that you’re able to create and plan your next move immediately. For instance, you might just have ended up saying something that has clearly turned your interviewer off. He might be too polite to express it in words but his body language is most likely to reflect his feelings. Read it and try to undo your mistake there! Here are some tips to decode body language signs of interviewers.

Body Language: The interviewer or hiring manager just stops taking notes and is frequently looking at the watch. Here the message is quite loud and clear. He is sheer bored of the rendezvous and wants it to end as fast as possible.  

What You Can Do: Here, in order to arrest his attention, you can simply put forward a question. But please remember, it should be meaningful and relevant to the profile you’ve applied for. You can’t really expect him to suddenly take interest in your candidature by being faced with queries as lame as “How many employees work here?” Putting emphasis on your words with the help of well-timed hand movements is an ideal way to keep boredom at bay.

Body Language: Smile. While a genuine smile would actually indicate that he is pleased with you, a fake one has equally bad news in store for you. The hiring manager might just as well resort to a fake smile when you’ve unwittingly uttered something to make the entire environment uncomfortable around you. A genuine smile is always characterized by squinting eyes with crow’s feet wrinkles at the corners. If the smile on your interviewer’s face is not so, then be quick to realize your mistake and act on it. Apologize. Try to steer the conversation in to a more agreeable one in a subtle fashion.

Body Language: He's reading your resume throughout the interview. Here, you can do little as it’s just that the manager doesn’t have the knack of memorizing your strengths and weaknesses as documented in your resume, after a two or three time reading. However, this sign in particular might act as a serious distraction while you’re answering your question. The key, here, will be not to fumble and lose your flow in the process.

Body Language: An unyielding eye-contact from his end would mean that he is ready to test your capability of handling tricky questions with ease. Don’t be intimidated. Stay calm, don’t make the mistake of looking somewhere else and answer. Put forward your points with as much confidence as you had exuded when you had walked in through that door!

Body Language: Raised eyebrows or smirk. It clearly means that the manager isn’t ready to buy what you have to offer.

What You Can Do: Meeting with resistance is quite common during interviews. In this case you can clearly tell him that you can sense his disagreement and ask him if you he would like you to clarify any particular point or not.


Mastering the skills of comprehending body language needs time. You will learn with experience. There is no need to be consumed by paranoia either. You can’t go on studying your potential manager's body language in each and every interview. There’s simply no need to brood over every single frown or sarcastic smile of your interviewer. It’s just a part of the game and not the entire game.

Last Updated On:04/09/2013

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