How to Break the Ice During Interview

Wondering how to break the ice with your interviewers in an interview? Well, there is no formula to ace an interview. The idea is to be calm and confident. Studies have shown that interviewers pretty much make up their mind whether to hire a candidate or not within the first few minutes of an interview. However, there are some pointers you can follow that can help you make a good impression on your employers in the first few minutes.

Interview tips:

  • Confidence: it is the key to any good interview. A good confidence level helps making the right first impression. But a very important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you donít overdo it. Over confidence can ruin the chances of getting a job.
  • Small talk: try to make small talk with your interviewers. This helps your interviewers to know you better and also build a relation. You can start talking about some queries that you might have or may be the weather or something that encourages a conversation.
  • Proper dressing: Dress to impress is the way to go about it. A good dressing can help make the much needed positive first impression. A pair of well ironed pants and shirt makes ideal interview clothing. A nice tie is also a plus. You could also opt to wear a formal suit; you canít go wrong with a suit. For women, formal skirt, shirt and suits are very common. In India formal sarees and salwar-suits are also considered to be formal dressing.
  • A firm handshake: some interviewers make up their mind from a handshake. Some might think it to be very trivial but do not underestimate the potential of a small handshake. It tells a lot about your personality. Especially it reflects your confidence level. So, a firm handshake can do half your work of getting the job.
  • Eye contact: most of these pointers deal with your confidence level, and one of these tips include maintaining eye contact with your interviewer. Try to look into your interviewer in the eye, without appearing awkward and absolutely avoid looking randomly around the room.
  • Courtesy: it is one of the very important pointers for breaking the ice in an interview and helps create a good first impression. Being polite and courteous always earns you the brownie points. Begin with a warm greeting; wish your interviewers good-morning/good-afternoon/good-evening depending on the time of the day. Next, wait till you are asked to be seated. Speak with a polite tone of voice, but make sure you are clearly heard. Lastly, when you are through with the interview, wish your interviewer good-day before your leave.
  • Demonstrate knowledge: well, this is not a first ten minutes tactics; itís something you need to do throughout the interview. At every step of the way, try to demonstrate your knowledge. But, make sure you donít beat around the bush. If you donít know the answer to something, itís best to be honest about it. Trying to show you know something you donít have knowledge about is a big negative.
So, prepare well and try to be the best you can be and remember the rule of thumb is to be to be confident.

Last Updated On: 02/07/2013

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