Brown University

The Brown University is an American private Ivy League research university situated in Providence, Rhode Island. The Warren Alpert Medical School that was earlier called the Brown Medical School had been established in the year 1811. The Alpert Medical School is a part of the Brown’s Division of Biology and Medicine and was among one of the first to impart medical education in the country. The school is dedicated to producing medical professionals who are not only exceptional at the science they are involved in, but are also extraordinary as human beings. Interviews are often viewed as an important part of the selection process.

Interview Process- Things to Know

Applicants are generally invited for the interview via email. They are expected to schedule the date as soon as they receive the invitation via email.

How Would Your Credentials be assessed?

If you are selected for the interview you would first have to go through various stages including:

  • Group session concentrating on the admission process
  • A tour of the new building
  • Overview of the school
  • Lunch with medical students and individual meetings with faculty and students
  • You might also be required to meet the administrative staff who are the voting members of the MD Admissions Committee
Now, each interviewer would write about their individual assessment of the applicant. It would be added to the applicant’s file in order to decide whether at all the candidate would be called for the interview or not. Then credentials of all the applicants would be discussed voted on. The candidates would be provided with a timeframe when they should expect a decision on their admission.

Interview Preparation

The points mentioned above, might have provided you an idea of what the interview process would be like- whom you’re going to meet during the entire episode, how your fate is going to be decided etc. You have to meet a lot of people starting from students to the administrative staff. So prepare yourself accordingly. Be yourself. Be confident. Do not be intimidated by the thought of meeting so many people at one go. Treat it as an opportunity to discuss your interests in the field, learning more about the college etc.

Make sure that you know your subject well. In order to do that you need to go through the technical interview questions asked at medical school interviews and revise your papers thoroughly. You might as well expect a casual question (related to medicine) being thrown at you even from a medical student during the lunch. So, make sure you’re not left dumfounded there. Additionally, learn about the present concerns being faced by the healthcare sector.

Possible Interview Questions

  1. Why are you interested in pursuing medicine?
  2. Why do you want to join here?
  3. Why should we select you?
  4. Please tell us about the ethics that should be followed in this profession
  5. What really motivated you to become a doctor?

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