Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge is a collegiate research university situated in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom. One of the most esteemed academic institutions in the United Kingdom and in the world itself, it was established in the year 1209.

The School of Technology is one of the six schools of the university. It was established with the main aim of providing a framework for its constituent departments to help them convey opinions about various technological processes and methods.

Interview Preparation

Now personal interviews with the Admissions Tutors would be playing an important role in determining your chances of securing an admission here. The admission decisions are primarily based on your academic credentials. The one-on-one interview would help your Admission Tutors to evaluate your application. In order to prepare for this interview you need to have a clear idea as to why they conduct this interview and what exactly does this whole process involve.

Now, the university generally invites only those students for the interview, whom they think, have a practical chance of making it. However, since most of the applicants are top graders, it becomes a bit difficult and unfair to judge suitability of students based only on the UCAS application. The interview aids them to identify the individual’s suitability for the chosen course, his ability to study it on a higher level, reflect conceptually, his passion to pursue the subject and his ability to respond to the way the faculty teaches.

How Should you Prepare for the Interview?

As the university clearly mentions in its website – “There's no blueprint for an ideal Cambridge student.” There is no ultimate magic trick or formula that would assure you a place at the university. However, a good look at the university website would help you with some quick tips to succeed at the interview.

One of your first responsibilities in this regard would be to watch the interview videos exclusively put up by the university on their website. Have a good look at what teachers have to say about the purpose behind conducting interviews, valuable tips that they have to offer students etc.

You need to read and re read your personal statement that you’ve sent to the university. The interviewers would actually focus on things written by you while framing their questions. Think about how you would expand on whatever you’ve already written.

Make sure that you’ve researched the course carefully and are ready to demonstrate your passion for pursuing the same. Reading your subject time and again is very important. Read science journals or referrals to expand your horizons. You should take the trouble of practicing talking about your subject in an interview. You can take help of someone who is going to provide you an honest feedback after conducting a mock interview. Make sure you’re not over-rehearsing. If the interviewer is able to point out that you’re trying to “recall” points while talking generally about your subject, interests etc, then it might prove counter-productive.

Please make sure that you’re framing questions to ask the interviewer as well.

Some Questions you can expect

Q1.Why do you want to join Cambridge? ?
Q2.Why are you interested in pursuing this subject?
Q3.On a sunny and clear day, you’re flying on an aero plane that is placed at 38,000 feet above the middle of the Pacific. Given, the radius of the earth is 6,400 km, what is the distance between the horizon of the earth and you?
a) 700km
b) 130km
c) 1,300km
d) 390km

Computer Science

4. Please tell us a bit about binary searches.
5.Is there a basic or fundamental difference between database and spreadsheet?
6.On which principle is the GPS or Global Positioning System based?
7.Why do you think the number 2.7182818 is used in Maths?
8. What happens when light passes through a medium that is denser than air?


9. Can you provide us a sketch of the velocity time of a skydiver who is jumping out of plane?
10. Please talk at length about a light bulb.
11.State the basic differences between Physics and Engineering.
12. State the consequence of this action - You've drilled through the earth all the way to the other side and have jumped into a hole.
13. Demonstrate the forces acting on a ladder.

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