Discussing career goals in a job interview

Today in the fast-paced world of cut-throat competition, employers across the globe want to ensure that they are hiring individuals with focus and a considerable know-how of the respective job for which they are considered. A ten-fifteen minutes discussion about your career goals during your interview helps your prospective employer to have a better insight into your aspirations. This in turn helps him to judge the compatibility between your goals and his needs.

In fact discussing your career goals is a great way of unwinding yourself during the all-important interview session. It just lets you be. You get a chance of discussing the long-term ambitions of your life, stressing on each and every aspect of the career goals you have set for yourself. If you can back the whole discussion up with a thorough knowledge of the career you have chosen for yourself then the employer is convinced that he has got a focused candidate sitting before him.

A few tips on discussing your career goals during an interview, can really help you.

a) Don’t fumble. Be articulate and very clear in what you want to say.
b) Make sure you have lots of ideas very clearly in your mind. Do not contradict yourself at any point of the discussion. Remember if you yourself are not clear about your goals, the interviewer is also left with a lot of doubts about you.

For example, if you are being interviewed for the post of online content writer, don’t say that you are only interested in Creative Writing, even if creative writing is your forte.
c) Sometimes it may happen that the interviewer may try to counter you while you say certain things. This is not done to provoke you but just to gauge how passionate you are about your aim in life. So stay patient. Stick to your points without getting overtly sensitive.
d) It is always advisable to speak about the rationale behind all your career moves. It is a great way to consolidate the claims which you have already made about achieving your goals in life. You can also speak about certain moments in your life when you had actually realized that you are etched out for a particular profession.

For example, if you are giving an interview for the post of a Social Media manager in a company then speak about the steps that you took right after college to learn more about Social Media. You can also lay stress on your knowledge about the emerging trends in the Social Media world. Discuss how you are striving towards enhancing your Social Media presence.
e) Try to be as modest as possible while speaking about your career goals. Adopt a no-nonsense attitude towards the whole discussion. Don’t try to prove that you know everything about the profession you want to be in. You can put across your know-how in a polite but firm manner. Show that you are willing to learn more about the post and ready to work hard to deliver the best.
f) When asked about your dream job make sure that your choice is more akin to the career goals you have already discussed.

If you are really passionate about your goals and have set your heart in achieving them then don’t be shy in speaking about them. Try to make your presence felt by being confident and focused.

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