Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh (USA)


Situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon University makes for one of the most renowned private research institutes in the country (USA). If you are someone interviewing for an admission here, make sure you are availing the following tips as mentioned:

Be prepared for a comprehensive interview ahead. Though you are preparing yourself for a university interview, make sure you are duly demonstrating your professional behavior there. Besides technical questions, specific to your subject be prepared to answer questions based on your long term career goals, extra-curricular activities and regarding your level of participation in different programs in school. Make sure that besides preparing answers you are duly arranging relevant certificates or appreciation letters in case you need them.

Go through the experiences of previous candidates who have interviewed for admissions and try to pick up tips from them. Stay duly informed about the kind of attire to be sported by you, the kind of focus that you should have on your soft skills etc. In this regard, it might as well be useful to mention that the institution generally looks for students with a fair bit of soft and social skills and not really the ones who are only exceptional in their chosen fields of study. Individual experiences might also inform you about the time you would be required to wait for your turn. This would eventually help you in controlling your nerves before the interview.

Prepare your dress a day in advance. You do not have to be overtly formal but it would be advisable that you are not exceedingly casual as well.

Please do not forget to demonstrate your genuine urge to join the university- be it through asking relevant questions or else by being able to answer questions relating to the institution itself.

Possible interview Questions

Q1.Why are you opting for this university?
Q2.Please tell us about the extra-curricular activities you are involved with.
Q3.Please tell us about your SAT/ACT scores
Q4.Are you applying for any other university at present? If yes, which one of them are you applying for?
Q5.Tell us about your senior years in school.
Q6.Were you involved with any of the clubs in school? Please tell us about it.
Q7.Tell us about your grades in the last semester
Q8.What is your idea of an ideal college or university?
Q9.Which is your least favorite subject and why?
Q10.Which is the most significant extra-curricular activity according to you? Please tell us, why you think so.
Q11.Please tell us about your interests in general.
Q12.Which classes do you like the most? Why?

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