City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Situated in Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, City University of Hong Kong is a public research university. It was founded in the year 1984 as City Polytechnic of Hong Kong, only to become a fully accredited university ten years later in 1994.

If you are appearing for an interview for your admissions here, then you should make sure that you are preparing yourself well. If you are too confused about how to prepare yourself duly for the rendezvous then please go through some of the simple tips to prepare yourself better.

Your preparations will lay the foundation of a stress free interview experience. It is important to prepare yourself for a personal interview as good as you prepare for written examinations. In fact, the personal interviews require you to focus on several aspects besides your academic skills. Your body language, interview etiquette, attire would all be under close scrutiny here. So make sure that you are preparing yourself accordingly. Adopting a systematic approach to the entire process would only be helpful.

Sitting down with interview questions should top your list of priorities. Divide your interview questions in three separate sections. At first you should concentrate on the general interview questions asked to university students. Many of these questions focus on their reason for joining the university, their knowhow about the institution, their career goals etc. Then concentrate on the subject specific or technical interview questions. In this regard, be more thorough with your preparation. Make sure that you are duly going through the relevant technical interview questions asked at the university you are interviewing and also those asked at other universities. Then sit down with the behavioral questions. These questions are more focused on your soft skills rather than your academic qualification. So make sure that you are jotting down particular incidents of your academic life that serve to highlight several of your qualities including power of analysis, organizational skills etc.

You should dedicate considerable time in a day to learning about City University of Hong Kong in detail. It can be assumed that this is one of those initial interviews in your academic and consequently your professional life. So you might as well be faced with the initial nerves of facing your interviewer and putting your answers forward. Stammering, wrong body language etc can be immediate results of nervousness. So try to get over with it by practicing interviews in front of mirror. Jot down a number of questions and answer them while looking at the mirror. While speaking, see if you are stammering or not. Is the nervousness showing too much on your face? Try to get over with these issues by practicing more and more.

Possible Interview Questions

Listed below are a few general interview questions that you might end up facing at the university

Q1.Why do you want to join us?
Q2.Why should we select you?
Q3.Can you tell us a bit about your strengths?
Q4.Please tell us about your research interests.
Q5.Tell us about your weaknesses.

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