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Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd., an Introduction
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. is India's leading vacation provider with a big network of fully owned resorts both within the country and overseas.  Its membership base is more than 1.5 lakh families.  It is a part of Mahindra Group, which has a turnover of US$15.9 billion.  With an employee base of 1.4 lakhs and presence in around one hundred countries, Mahindra Group is counted among the leading industrial houses of India with diversified business interests, such as automotive, components, aerospace, agribusiness, consulting, information technology, hospitality and retail etc. 

Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India limited offers leisure and hospitality services for vacations, which can be customized according to your preference of options, such as adventure, spiritual, relaxed and offbeat.  They can also plan your holidays for the whole calendar year.  To survive as a business, they depend upon their permanent members, who pay a hefty annual fee in exchange for their vacation solutions.  They offer scheduled stays in their countrywide resorts to the families of their members.  To achieve this, they depend upon aggressive sales campaigns targeted at mid-level and top managers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and highly paid professionals.  They recruit a huge salesforce with lots of fresh college pass-outs, who are highly energetic and forceful in their approach.  The middle level managers are experienced salespeople, who have spent considerable time in hard-core sales in the high pressure environment.  They know how to train and motivate young salesforce to drive maximum results and revenues.

The Nature of Interviews Conducted for Different Profiles

The other category of the people hired include the hospitality professionals such as front office people, stewards, cooks, chefs, housekeepers, bartenders, guards, and managers.  Normally, recruitment is conducted for all the above positions and the criteria of the interview differ from position to position.  As far as, hospitality professionals are concerned, the likely questions to be asked include a personal introduction, the previous experience if any, knowledge about the job profile and questions related to the ability to handle pressure.  But, as far as the interview for salespeople is concerned, the approach is entirely different.  They would like to check the fire in your belly, passion to achieve targets and the ability to work under tremendous pressure.

We would like to discuss different approaches to be adopted for the preparation for the interview at Mahindra Holidays, based on different profiles.

Interview of a Marketing Officer in Mylapore, India in June 2012

According to glassdoor dot com, an aspirant for the position of marketing officer in Mahindra Holidays was rejected in 2012, simply because he failed to elaborate the communication process leading to a successful sale.  It is therefore, necessary to brush up your knowledge of sales and marketing, when you're going to appear for a position related to sales or marketing.  You should know the communication process, the steps involved and the psychological aspects of the successful sale.  You should also have good information of
how to collect useful databases, the sales approach to be adopted and different phases of sales.  Besides that, you should have a background experience in your resume to prove your eligibility for such positions.

If need be, you should be prepared to provide a live demo of how to close a sale.

Note: Mahindra Holidays is criticized for very traditional and laid back attitude, when it comes to the interview process.  Most of the times, be ready to be grilled based on the information given on your resume.  It is likely, that a lot of questions would be asked based on what is mentioned on your CV.  So, be absolutely confident about your resume and the content therein and also be ready to justify the discrepancies such as frequent switches and time gaps in experience if any.  Remember, they are very old-fashioned and rudimentary in their approach, so don't expect any out of the box or innovative approach on the part of the interviewer.

Interview for the Middle Level or Upper Management Positions

Most of these interviews are held in high esteem through the reputed consultants based on your LinkedIn profile etc.  So, first, there would be a telephonic round with CHRO followed by the final interview, if selected in the telephonic round.  Then you might be in face-to-face conversation with the managing director or the CEO of the company, if you are appearing for an upper management position.  If, you are applying for a middle level managerial position, then you would be face-to-face with your immediate supervisor or team manager.  So, while the first type of the interview is going to be a casual and strategic one, the second type of the interview would be based on your immediate experience and your expertise in the required domain.  

Note: Be ready for some rude questions to be asked in the second type of interview, which is for middle level positions.

Feedback about the Club Mahindra Interviews

According to the survey, 66% people gave positive feedback about the interviews at Mahindra Holidays, whereas 33% people provided negative feedback.  The entry level interviews are more conservative in nature and you have to support your claims either through your credentials or your achievements on paper.  The recruiters and hiring staff for entry level and sales positions is said to be quite rudimentary in their approach and without any modern outlook.  They do not try to assess your ability and potential for future performances; rather, they stress more upon your previous achievements.  If, your previous track record is not so impressive, then you are going to have a tough time convincing your Mahindra Holidays recruiter that you are the right person for the job.

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