Interview Preparations fo CMC

Preparation for CMC

CMC Limited is an IT firm subsidiary under the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), headquartered in New Delhi. It provides end-to-end IT solutions that include system integration, embedded products, software design and development, education & training, networking, and turnkey projects. The company has IT expertise across various industries like banking & financial services, railways, defense, power, shipping, e-commerce etc.

CMC recruits graduates with degrees like Bachelors of Engineering, Bachelors of Technology, Masters in Computer Applications and Masters in Business Administration. It gives most importance to qualifications and work experience. If you do not have any work experience, it will not matter much; CMC also hires freshers. Its recruitment procedure, although, depends on the candidates’ number of years of professional work. If you are a fresher or have less than two years of relevant experience, you will need to take an aptitude test, along with a personal interview. In case you are a professional with over two years of experience in the field then you will only need to take the interview.

Selection procedure and Preparation for CMC

CMC Written Test – This exam tests the candidates’ quantitative aptitude, data interpretation, logical reasoning, verbal ability and comprehension. You can refer to any good CAT preparation guides to ace this test. Some of the popular CAT guides include those by Arun Sharma, Nishit Sinha, RS Agrawwal and Abhijit Guha.

Interview – The usual interview process is of two rounds – HR and Technical. According to the location and candidate’s career profile, the company may also conduct additional rounds of interview, written test and group discussion. You need to be prepared for proving yourself best for the job.

Interview Tips for CMC
  • Dress for the job. Companies give importance to an aspirant’s appearance.
  • If required carry with you certificates of professional experience and qualifications. It is always good to have proof of your studies and work.
  • Be confident and smile. It is important that the hiring committee feel that you are enthusiastic about working in CMC.
  • Read up about the company, its structure and services. You might be asked about it in the interview.
  • While talking, be clear of what you say and don’t be nervous. The hiring committee does not want to be confused, they might reject you just because they thought you were unclear or confused or “not convincing enough”.
  • Be aware of the latest developments and trends in the fields of IT and your academic subjects. They might want to see how aware you are about your line of work.
  • Be prepared for Core Technical Questions. Read your course books thoroughly.
  • Get into a habit of reading a national business and IT magazine, and newspaper. Informed individuals have a better chance of getting hired. Recommended Business magazines are Business Line, Business World, Business and Management Chronicle, and Business Today. You can refer to the best IT websites to get the current news stories.
  • Be patient. A whole day of recruiting process can be stressful. Stay well hydrated, be calm and eat.
  • Stay positive. It’s just an interview.

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