Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the prominent American private Ivy League research universities situated in the Morningside neighborhood of Upper Manhattan in New York.

The university has several departments imparting knowledge in Science and Engineering. The relevant departments include:

  • Biological Sciences Department
  • Chemistry Department
  • Electrical Engineering Department
  • Chemical Engineering Department
  • Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanic Department
  • Computer Science Department

Columbia University Interview- Some Facts that you should Know About

One of the important aspects of the undergraduate admissions in the college is the interview conducted by the Alumni Representative Committee of Columbia (ARC). These interviews are conducted throughout the world on behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, by ARC. However, the college does not really have infinite number of college volunteers or alumni to conduct these interviews. So it does not really promise you that the interview would definitely be arranged in your area. Applicants who are not contacted for interviews should not be worried as it’s not the Office of Undergraduates that is in charge of the actual assignment of interview. The college very clearly directs aspirants not to inquire of interviews via e-mail or phone calls. If they think that can call you for an interview in your area after going through your contact details in your application, then they’ll get in touch with you. The interview is only provided in the area where the candidate's high school is situated. If you've completed high school and are no longer living nearby then you won't be offered an interview.

How Will You Prepare for the interview?

Whether you’re appearing for undergraduate or fellowships interviews, please remember that there’s no secret code to crack it successfully. If you read accounts of students who’ve already interviewed in this college, you would actually come to know that interviewers can ask you possibly about anything. Some of the areas that they would focus on are mentioned below.

They would be particularly interested in knowing about you- your family, hobbies, interest, high school which other schools you’re looking at, etc.

They would be willing to find reasons behind you going to Columbia and your high school academics.

Your fellowships interview would require you to prepare yourself well. Your first responsibility in that regard would be to reread your application and specifically go through the fellowship website. Make sure that your interview panel does not find you unsure about your goals. Make sure that you’re able to demonstrate your passion and comprehension of the core values of fellowship that you would be able to instill in others as well.

Read newspapers on a regular basis as current affairs can act as springboards in these interviews. Interview questions might range from application based queries to general knowledge and subject specific questions.

Interview Questions

  • Why are you interested in traveling to Columbia?
  • Why do you want to join University of Columbia?
  • How do you think you would make friends in this college?
  • What’s your way of dealing with change?
  • Give us a solid reason why we should select you as one of our students.
  • How would you like to describe your research interests to us?

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