Importance of communication skills in an interview

Your communication skills play a significant role while you are interviewed for a job post. In fact the way you communicate goes a long way in boosting your credentials mentioned on your resume. Based on recent job profiles it can be safely said that commercial enterprises across the globe irrespective of their sizes have unanimously zeroed in on one quality for their potential employees and that is ďgood communication skillsĒ. It is very clear that you have to justify all your important degrees with good communicative attributes while interviewing for a job. Globalization is the chief reason why so much importance is attached to communication. The different IT, ITES companies, Union Public Service Commissions, State Public Service Commission etc are looking to hire smart and outgoing individuals with great communication skills besides other qualities.

Why does communication play a big role during interviews?

a) The modern age of globalization has sparked a number of tie-ups between companies of different nations. This necessitates the presence of extra-ordinary communication skills among workers.
b) Communication is also important when it comes to group dynamics. Lucid and timely communication of job responsibilities among a team ensures better execution.
c) Communication is the key factor in establishing relations among colleagues and different groups.
d) Good communication saves time and energy- an absolute need for industries working under strict deadlines.
e) Effective communication ensures better job performance.
f) You can turn an otherwise boring work environment into something very interesting by simply motivating your co-workers with your effective communication skills.
g) Pleasant and balanced communication skills might help you to leave a very favorable impression on the interviewer.

How should you communicate during an interview?

Since your communication skills play a big role in cementing your position in a company it is prudent to keep a few things in mind while communicating during your interview.

a) Donít be nervous: Just get going from the very beginning of the interview. Donít get nervous and be yourself. Back up your good communication skills with impressive ideas specially when asked about your career goals.
b) Be Organized: It is advisable that you mentally arrange your points in an organized manner. It will help you deliver better and stay focused.
c) Put forward positive views: Donít sound negative while being interviewed. Convey positive spirits and create a light and jovial environment.
d) Be professional: Be jovial but donít forget that you are in an interview. Be professional and never cross the limits of decorum.
e) Suitable Body language: Boost your communication skills with a suitable body language. The way you smile, talk, argue and put forward your views are integral to your communication skills.
f) See if itís possible to consult various communication style indicators like the Birkman Method or the Myers-Briggs method before an interview.
g) Asides from oral communication pay equal attention to your written communication skills. Make sure if asked to write a formal mail or document at the interview you donít go wrong with the norms.


Making it big in any industry today requires extraordinary communication skills asides from other criteria. So start working on your communication from now. Avail the tips mentioned above to hone your skills as well.

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