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Consultants or Reference- While looking for a job which one should be considered more important that other for getting a job. Pros and cons of both (Consultants & Reference)

In order to make sure that you get the right job, it is extremely important that you present yourself appropriately to the employers. Landing with the right job is all about understanding what you are really good at and selling your skills to the right set of people. Recruitment consultants and references are a couple of ways of targeting the bullís-eye, as in the jobs that best suit your profile.

Recruitment consultancies are designed to match the skills of job seekers with the required criteria of the employers. Today there are several recruitment consultancies in the market, out of which many operate online. All you have to do is give them your updated resume and they will keep sending you job opportunities that suit your profile. For online job search engines, the trick is to make your profile more visible to the employers. Why and how? Why because the more you are seen the better are your chances of getting a job of your choice. You donít want your profile to be lost among the numerous ones that are already there. How? By updating your profile frequently. The same way you search for jobs online, the employers search potential candidates too. The recently updated profiles appear first followed by the ones that are updated later in the search results.

Another way of improving your chances of getting a job is through references. References are a very important part of the job search process. Every resume should have a few names of people with their contact information who can vouch for the candidate. Most employers donít want to take the final decision based on just a good interview. They usually want to double check with the people, whose names the candidate has put down on his/her resume as references. Your references can be your seniors from your previous jobs, professors you have worked with, or people who know your work and you in person. Remember avoid putting names of your relative or friends as references.

Both recruitment consultants and references serve as very effective tool for finding jobs; however both have their own shares of pros and con. Letís look at some of the advantages and disadvantages that would help you weigh your options.

Advantages of recruitment consultancies:

  • You get service from expert professionals in finding you the right job.
  • Saves time and energy.
  • You are exposed to a wider range of job opportunities.
  • Helps you obtain an appropriate pay that you deserve.
  • Consultancies are very helpful if you are looking to change your field.
  • Most consultancies offer resume writing services. Hence you can make sure that your resume is perfectly presentable.
  • Consultancies make sure that your personal details are kept confidential and are only revealed to employers with your consent.

Disadvantages of recruitment consultants:

  • All the expert services come with a cost and you run the risk of losing the money in case you fail to find a job.
  • Be extra careful while choosing your consultant, as some might just be after your money and incapable of providing you with quality services.
  • Some consulting agencies may spam your mail inbox.

Advantages of references:

  • You can choose people who you know would give good feedback about you.
  • When people give positive feedback, it helps create a good impression on your employers.
  • A very good reference can smooth over the deficiencies in your resume.

Disadvantages of references:

  • References are usually very opinionated and subjective.
  • You cannot be sure that the employers would stick to the list of references you provided them with.
  • Your previous employer may refuse to talk for you.
  • For whatever reason if the reference doesnít accept the call or the contact information provided by you is not valid, it leaves a bad impression on the employers.

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