How to prepare for Dena Bank interview

Usually bank interview and exam preparations are quite long drawn since you have to pay attention to a whole range of aspects. As you browse through the article further you will know what exactly we mean by a "range of aspects."It is imperative to note that there will be a number of sites providing you interview questions at Dena Bank. However, it is not advisable to concentrate on those questions only. Most of them have a compilation of experiences of different people interviewed at the bank. You should back your preparations by a solid knowledge of common, technical and behavioral questions asked at all the banks. Acquire a thorough know how of "how these questions need to be answered" etc.

Try to listen to the news and read the newspaper every day. Asides from learning the technical banking terms from relevant books, you should also try to have a sense of the general economical scenario of the country and the world. Additionally you should also concentrate on the Banking sector of India. Make sure you know how this sector has contributed to the Indian economy and that may include their role in different sectors like Agriculture, E-commerce etc as well.  

While going through the interview questions asked at Dena Bank, you will know that both its past and present occupy a significant portion of the interview. They might as well ask you questions about the year of its establishment, the person who was responsible for its creation etc. Additionally you also need to be equally aware of the bank's current number of ATMs, regional offices etc. Thus, going to an interview at Dena Bank without knowing thoroughly about it is a waste of time and effort. Please don't forget to find sufficient information about the bank's current exploits as well.

Pay attention to possible behavioral interview questions as well. If you are asked questions on your strengths and weaknesses, achievements etc make sure you have ready but true answers prepared

As panelists will be particularly interested about your CV and some questions will be based on that, make sure that you check your resume thoroughly before the interview in order to make sure that possible discrepancies are removed and recent accomplishments are added.

Lastly, keep your interview dress aside one day before the interview and also make sure that relevant documents are arranged properly.

Dena Bank Interview- Do's
Do prepare well
Look up different videos to know what kind of body language should be maintained at the interview
Dress properly
Be punctual--- arrive at least 10-15 minutes early
Sound positive throughout the interview even if you feel that the rendezvous is not going your way
Maintain perfect eye contact with the interviewer
Be honest and precise--- don't waste time in cooking up answers to questions that you don't know—be honest enough to admit that you don't know the answer
Smile and shake hands before leaving

Dena Bank Interview- Don'ts
Dress improperly
Put on garish make up
Arrive late for the interview
Sound arrogant
If you are asked questions like "Why are you opting for a bank job after doing MCA?"--- don't say something like "There are no job vacancies in the Corporate sector"--- instead try to highlight on your sincerity and belief in carrying out your job responsibilities
Sit with your legs folded
Keep your hands or elbows on the table
Forget to leave without a smile

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