How to Prepare for Dietician Job Interview

An interview for the post of a dietician is least likely to be a grueling one. However you should keep your preparations in place in order to crack it. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while preparing for all the important rendezvous.

As a dietician you should constantly keep track of the latest trends in the science of nutrition. Asides from conventional sources like the internet, books, try to get hold of rare magazines which can be of real help for you. Knowing lesser known things can only broaden your horizon even if you don’t always agree with them. For instance in your interview you can say something like, “Just the other day I came across an article in a magazine which stated…..however I would like to clearly disagree on a point…” and then elaborate on the same. This will assure your interviewer that you are in touch with the latest in your trade and clearly have a mind of your own in either accepting or rejecting prevalent ideas.

Expect to be asked behavioral questions, a lot of them. Prepare your own set of questions and answers and review them. List all the major and minor happenings in your past jobs which you think can help you deal with these questions.

Jot down the technical or specific questions and answers and practice them on a daily basis. Add your own knowhow. Clear all your doubts on questions beforehand with friends, seniors or elders who have been in this profession.

After you are done with your preparations for possible questions, make sure your interview preparations are good by choosing your attire, shoes, bag and other necessary stuff a day before.

Review your resume accordingly

Arrange other necessary documents as well and you are set for the interview.

Dietician Interview--- Dos and Don’ts


Be punctual

Dress professionally

Organize your papers properly

Maintain an agreeable posture throughout the interview

Be ideally approachable

Convey through your ideas that you are perfectly in tune with the latest trends in your profession

Express willingness to learn and also to know more about your job responsibilities

Prepare yourself in such a manner that helps make a positive impression on the interviewers


Dress unprofessionally

Speak or sound negative Hesitate to speak at length of you knowledge when required

Go on speaking about your supreme knowledge of your trade--- but strike a balance in portraying your expertise and willingness to learn

Exclude the research on the company while preparing for the interview—if you are not able to answer questions regarding the background of the company you are interviewing for then things are least likely to be in your favor

Hesitate to ask the right questions

Forget to check and recheck the compatibility between the company's needs and your qualifications by going through the vacancy post and your CV before your interview

Leave without a smile on your face

Best Companies to Target for dietician jobs

VLCC, Pune, Maharashtra

Job Hosters Consultancy, Guwahati, Assam

Talwalkars, Navi Mumbai, Maharshtra

Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Faridabad

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