Diversity in work place

Diversity in workplace primarily entails efforts of organizations to acknowledge the importance of the creation of an all encompassing environment through the acceptance and promotion of diverse opinions, values, ethics, skills, backgrounds and perspectives.


The success of an organization is steered by the contribution of employees belonging to different backgrounds, having different mindsets and work skills besides varying perceptions. While it is at once easier for the organization to embrace a diverse amalgamation of employees (in terms of age, sex, gender, creed, ethnic groups, personality, education etc), it might as well be faced with the immediate challenges in the forms of communication barriers or else resistance. Both the benefits and challenges of diversity in workplace are explored below.



Promotion of workplace diversity is one of the key contributors to the success of an organization and it is only desirable on the part of the recruiters to constantly assess workplace diversity issues, implement plans and work towards desired results. Here are some of the benefits explained:


Wider Service Base: The immediate benefit that can be noticed is the availability of the diverse service range in office. The presence of a diverse range of skills in the workplace, ensures that the company is able to deliver services globally rather than having to restrict its reach within boundaries owing to lack of specialties.


Greater Scope to Share Knowledge:Employees coming from different professional and academic backgrounds with different perceptions (and solutions as a result) can unite for evaluating one common issue and derive at possible conclusions. It promotes general adaptability and acceptance among employees who are always ready to share opinions and accept othersí view points as well. It has mostly been seen that the root cause of major problems can be easily traced if assessed from diverse angles.


Better Execution: A company derives its strength from its diverse pool of talent. Employees can be effectively encouraged to produce better results if the spirit of healthy competition is duly fostered among them. The presence of diverse skills and efficiency levels implies that employees are duly encouraged to compete and deliver results in a variety of arenas.


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Though workplace diversity is the key to companyís success, it should be remembered that the proposition comes with its own of challenges as well.


Resistance: You can always expect some of your old employees being quite averse to the idea that the cultural make up of the company is diversifying or broadening. It becomes difficult to convince them that itís absolutely essential for the organization to embrace the right mix of new and old ideas to succeed. †


Communication: Effective communication is absolutely essential to overcome cultural and language barriers. If ideas, feelings and opinions are not communicated properly, it can prove detrimental for the organization.



Building an effective organizational structure based on different values and perceptions is a long drawn process which involves the right diversity training and fostering the values of open mindedness and acceptability among employees.

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